Where We Save & Where We Splurge: Bedroom Edition



Beyond a quick peek in, guests likely never set foot in your master bedroom and for that exact reason, we find so many clients choose to put their money and efforts into more communal, public spaces in their homes. The reality though, is that your master bedroom is actually an incredibly important space in your home as it’s the place where you rest and recharge so you can get up and be fabulous all over again the next day! When it comes to decorating your bedroom though, serenity and comfort need-not come at an all-round exorbitant cost. Rather, it’s about finding that balance of spending in the areas that are essential to your comfort and saving with those pieces that are purely aesthetic. Here’s what we mean…

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor. Design by designed by Nebihe Cihan.


A Comfortable Mattress & Good-quality Pillows

First and foremost, it is absolutely paramount to invest in a mattress and pillows that will guarantee a good-night’s rest. If these essential basics aren’t comfortable, a floral duvet cover won’t make up for the fact that you’re tired and stiff in the morning, no matter how stunning it may be! Whether you go into Sleep Country or opt for one of the newer methods of purchase with companies like Endy and Casper, mattress and pillow buying is more affordable and simpler than ever before. 

Window Treatments

Those who have recently sleep-trained a baby likely have read countless articles about the benefits of darkness to promote optimal sleep. For those of you who haven’t, instead of boring you with detailed accounts of circadian rhythms, we’ll summarize things and put it simply, the darker your room is, the better your sleep will be! For that reason, we feel it is absolutely essential to invest in window treatments that will not only look fabulous during the day but also will block out unwanted light in the evening. This might mean installing a roller blind that allows some light through to reduce glare and create privacy for daytime but also having curtains, lined with a black-out fabric to pull across at night. The options are truly endless so we always advise our clients to speak to a specialist. 

Wallpaper or Paint

Nothing sets the tone or mood of a room more than your walls so it’s essential to think about what colours and patterns make you feel most at ease. A geometric-patterned wall covering that would look stunning in your powder room, for example, might not be the best choice when trying to create a serene ambience in your bedroom. If it’s paint that you’re after, the same rules apply. It’s of course a matter of preference and personal style but generally speaking, softer, less vibrant hues tend to work best for promoting R&R! Regardless of whether you opt for paint or paper, finding the right one sometimes (but not always) comes at a cost but, in our humble POV, we feel it’s well worth it as it will inform many of the other choices in your bedroom.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a stunning way of adding a bit of luxury to your room that you can justify because they are as functional as they are aesthetic. If your room allows for a ceiling light, whether it’s a hanging chandelier or a flush mount, choose something that appeals to you aesthetically and makes a statement but be sure to pay attention to the light itself. No matter how gorgeous the fixture is, if it casts a neon glow, it’s a no go! The goal is to find lighting that creates a warm, candle-lit glow. For bedside table lamps, again, select something eye-catching that appeals to you but pay attention to the wattage of the bulb and the lamp shade, as they can make a world of a difference to the mood they create. Although light fixtures come in a wide range of prices, we feel that if it’s necessary to splurge a bit to create the right ambience, it’s worthwhile for your bedroom.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor. Design by Natasha Baradaran.


Decorative Accents

Although we are totally guilty of coming home from Elte with an obscene number of costly throw pillows and blankets, the reality is, it truly isn’t necessary. There are so many sources, both in-store and online, for finding these kinds of decorative accents that it’s actually quite easy to find options that won’t break the bank. Although they are definitely nice aesthetically, they don’t actually contribute to your sleep, which is why we feel splurging just isn’t necessary.

Headboards & Bedframes

As long as you have an incredible mattress and pillows, the headboard or bedframe need-not be expensive. Go for something that looks great and works with the overarching look of your room!

Bedside Tables

If you’ve splurged on bedside table lamps, you can go with a more affordable bedside table option as the light fixture will elevate the overall look. Depending on your needs, you may not even require a traditional bedside table with lots of storage. A simple side table or pedestal might do the trick! 

Area Rug

Although we feel mats and area rugs are essential to a bedroom to provide a comfortable, soft landing for your feet when you get out of bed, they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. If you frequent Home Sense, keep an eye on their area rug section. You’d be amazed at what we’ve found for much less!

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor. A West Village master bedroom.

A Matter of Preference… Your Bed Linens

It seems that people fall into one of two camps when it comes to bed linens. Some feel it is absolutely necessary to splurge on luxurious sheets with high thread counts, while others feel they can get an equally great sleep with more attainably priced sheets. Regardless of which camp you fall into, your bed linens are an opportunity for self expression. From monochromatic looks with lots of texture, to intricately-woven patterned bedspreads, there are endless options at all kinds of prices! It’s simply a matter of what appeals to you and works with your sleep preferences and lifestyle.