Throw Pillows for Every Bedroom



Whenever we have the opportunity to work on a bedroom, be it a full-on makeover or a simple refresh, throw pillows are always a part of the conversation. Regardless of personal aesthetic, everyone ultimately desires the same thing when it comes to their bedroom: a comfortable and inviting space! Throw pillows are just another way to achieve this and have the added benefit of tying everything together and adding a certain level of polish. Here are some of our favourite projects and ways to achieve a similar look…

For Transitional Bedrooms

If you’ve been reading along, you will likely remember this stunning bedroom from the home of KIP founder, Natalie Marshall. With a discrete mix of classic and contemporary pieces in soft, tonal hues, this principal bedroom is a beautiful example of transitional style. When it came to adding the finishing touches, we wanted to include throw pillows that would make the bedding feel complete but without taking away from the hero piece, the Missoni wallpaper! To achieve this, we selected off-white and cream throw pillows and layered them with a silvery-gray lumbar pillow. The effect was subtle but made all the difference. To create a similar look, try collecting a few pillows in similar tones and of various textures and sizes, such as the ones shown below. It’s a process of trial and error and experimenting with layers.

For Minimalist Urban Bedrooms

Whether it’s to create a luxurious and languid atmosphere in a principal bathroom or bedroom or to add an aura of high-society glitz to your dining room, chandeliers are incredibly effective and oh so important! Apart from having the power to change the actual light in the room, chandeliers also serve as fabulous artistic elements. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right fixture to polish off a consistent aesthetic while other times, selecting a piece that is completely unexpected can create a desirably jarring experience. With so many fabulous vendor catalogs at our fingertips, there are endless possibilities but for right now, here are a few of our favourites…

For Children’s Bedrooms & Nurseries

We do our fair share of children’s bedrooms and nurseries and it is in these spaces that we get to really exercise our creativity and playful side by introducing colors and patterns we wouldn’t necessarily select for other areas of a home. In two of our recent projects we turned to embroidered, handmade accent pillows made by women in Senegal. These pillows are not only beautiful but they are also ethically made and a great way to support the emancipation of these women through work. If needlepoint isn’t really your thing, we’re all for animals and bright colors for kids, as shown below.

For Colourful Bedrooms

In some bedrooms, particularly those painted in an unconventional colour, you need throw pillows that are punchy and vibrant so that the bed doesn’t fall flat in the midst of all the excitement. With its dreamy blue walls, Murano glass light fixture, and Missoni-lined cabinetry, that was certainly the case in the bedroom shown above. To really complete the underlying Italian Riviera theme of this space, Missoni Home was an obvious choice and one that boasts a plethora of colour combinations in that unmistakable woven fabric. To compliment them, we drew upon the orange tones of the Missoni fabric and layered in another set of patterned throw pillows. Kelly Wearstler has been known to say that life without colour is like life without love and if you find yourself in this camp, some of the selections below may be just what your bedroom is in need of.