The Importance of Fabulous Lighting



There are many things that people tend to get really jazzed about when decorating a room; throw pillows in stunning fabrics, decorative designer trinkets, intricate hand-painted wall coverings, a fabulous coffee table and so forth. Sadly though, there often isn’t a lot of buzz when it comes to the lighting scheme of a room and it really is a shame. We get it, there’s nothing particularly sexy about a pot light BUT it’s worth noting that a well-considered lighting scheme has the power to make a room. Here are a few lighting tips we’ve learned along the way…

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Dimmers are a must!

It’s always lovely to be invited for dinner or drinks at a friend’s home but nothing kills the romance and intimacy of such a gathering quite like garish, bright lighting. The only circumstances in which we tolerate sitting under blazing LEDs is for work. Otherwise, we find bright lighting incredibly unflattering and unromantic. Thankfully, there is a very simple solution! We’re not suggesting that the pot lights should go, we just think that dimmers are a must. Being able to dim ANY type of lighting, whether it’s a table lamp, floor lamp (as shown above) or what have you, is not only flattering for the skin but also flattering for your home. Soft lighting immediately creates a warm ambience and brings depth to the materials in your home. A simple dimmer and dimmable bulb will transform a room from a stark Apple store into a sumptuous Ralph Lauren showroom.

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Layer your lighting…

So the room in question already has pot lights… that’s great but let’s not stop there! It takes more than just a few well-placed pot lights to create an alluring space. With so many different types of fixtures, each providing a unique type of light, there is no reason why you can’t have more than one light source. In fact, seasoned designers agree that it is important to layer your lighting. As the natural light changes throughout the day, you can play with different light sources in a room to create different looks and moods. For example, if you’re decorating your dining room, try hanging decorative chandeliers over the dining table and then add sconces on the walls around to bring the romance of a candle-like glow. Both light sources can be used simultaneously for an added depth and visual interest.

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Consider your ceiling height…

The magical thing about lighting is its ability to transform spaces. Not only can the right light change the mood of a room or the colour of your walls but it can also create the illusion of space or, conversely, make a room feel small. Knowing your ceiling height is important when selecting fixtures, as this can be the difference between a whacking great chandelier or a flush mount. If a light fixture is too big, it’ll make your room look small. Choose a fixture that is too small for the space and it is just a visual disaster.  

Interior Design Packages - Remote Styling -living Room Inspiration

Have fun with your fixtures… 

It’s important to remember that although lighting fixtures have a very practical function, they can also serve as stunning art installations, shapely sculptures and incredible accessories. With that in mind, we encourage our clients to be creative with their selections and to play with colour, textures and materials. In the living room above, we loved the idea of using a heavy and industrial light fixture in a space that is otherwise light and airy. It’s an unexpected choice that creates a desirable tension in the room, serves as a conversation starter but also, of course, casts a lovely glow.