The 3 Textiles We’re Loving Right Now

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Whether you’re in the midst of selecting a textile to breathe new life into a well-worn piece of furniture or looking for something completely new in a showroom, it’s easy to default to options that are predictable and neutral. Things like black, leather sofas and beige, polyester dining chairs will always have a time and a place but they are not necessarily the best choice for creating a space that is truly awe inspiring. From throw pillows and blankets to seating and headboards, there are many opportunities to inject a little colour, texture and intrigue into any room. Here are just a few of our favourite textiles from our recent projects…

Flame Stitch

Colour and pattern can be a rather daunting concept for some of our clients and it’s understandable! There are so many textiles to choose from and the line between amazing and abominable is fine but, if carefully executed, it can make all the difference in your space. Whether it’s just a few throw pillows and blankets or an occasional chair, flame stitch textiles are an eye-catching and deceivingly neutral option. What is flame stitch, you ask? Traditionally speaking, it’s a a needlepoint stitch that produces a pattern resembling flames but these days, you can find textiles that feature a flame stitch pattern without actually being constructed of needlepoint. Missoni Home textiles are probably the most recognizable examples of a flame stitch fabrics but there are countless other textile providers who do it equally well. The beautiful thing about these patterns is that they consist of countless combinations of various coloured threads making it easy to find one that works with just about any colour scheme. If you absolutely adore bold colours and patterns, why not re-cover an armchair in a flame stitch? You would be surprised how easily and seamlessly it can be paired with your existing pieces. If that’s not for you, a few flame stitch accessories are a low-commitment way of adding colour and pattern. Believe us when we say that we’ve done it all… above are just a few examples from recent projects.


If you’re not one for loud colours or patterns, a bouclé- upholstered piece is a soft (in both colour and texture) way to add some fabulous texture and dimension to your space. Bouclé has the ability to instantly add a luxe, minimalist, Scandinavian vibe to any room that feels Instagram-able but in the best way possible. We’re talking Danish stylist, Pernille Teisbaek-eque vibes, to be clear. For the living room above, we helped our client select this bouclé sofa that is as cozy as it is stunning with its clean, sculptural lines. In this case, the sofa really became the hero piece and starting point for all the other decisions made in the space. 


If you love the idea of adding some colour to your home but find yourself averse to patterns, velvet might be the right choice for you. Incredibly soft and inviting, velvet comes in countless colours and shades and, like the aforementioned flame stitch, can be used for larger pieces of furniture or as sparingly as you like. For throw pillows, we like to keep a few velvet slip-covers on hand in the linen closet to zip on and off, as we see fit. For example, swapping out a set of bordeaux-coloured pillow covers for a set of pussy willow greys can take your sofa from deep-winter cozy to fresh and springy. For larger pieces such as sofas, headboards, and occasional chairs, we’ve found various shades of pink and blue to be incredibly striking but also surprisingly neutral and easy to work with.