Shop the Edit - Sophie's Ever- Evolving Entryway

As our Visual + Creative Director, Sophie is constantly being thrown into photoshoots where she has to think quickly on her feet in order to style our client’s spaces. It therefore comes as no surprise that our plucky young team member’s entryway at home is an ever-evolving wonder that is always incredibly on point. Here are some of her favourite pieces that you will find in her entryway… for now, at least!

Eucalyptus Mint Candle

Curved Steel Stool

Tom Ford Coffee Table Book

Divided Arches Console

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

Silver Pillar Sphere Vase

Gold Pillar Sphere Vase

Stippled Black Lips Sculpture

Chained Link Mirror

Brass Ok Sculpture

Immediately upon entry, Sophie’s console table makes an incredible impact and is the one piece that is steadfast in her vignette. This piece’s elegant mahogany arches were inspired by suspension bridges and serve as a stunning place to toss her keys and rest her purse.

Floating above, Sophie mounted a golden chain-link mirror, which brings a beautiful warm glow to the space and is an ideal place for last-minute lip gloss touch-ups before she steps out the door. A stack of coffee table books are a nod to Sophie’s love for design in both the fashion and interior space but also create visual interest by allowing other objects, like her lips sculpture, to be positioned at varying heights.

Two handmade,  hand-painted vases in metallic finishes are in place to display her flavour of the week when it comes to flowers and branches. For now, they are the vessels for fabulous faux eucalyptus branches. Although the branches are incredibly realistic, a Eucalyptus Mint Candle helps add to their allure and does wonders for creating a #mood with its flickering light.

An A-Ok hand sculpture with a brass finish is a whimsical decorative touch, while the black steel stool positioned to the side is a welcome echo of the console’s arches and comfortable place to perch while she laces up her high-tops.

Necessary Objects