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Attention all crystal carriers, goop subscribers, and gua sha facial tool users! This edit is for you. Now more than ever, the health and wellness space is colliding with the interior design world. With our collection of crystal candle holders, agate stone coasters and bookends, you can now bring some functional zen and good vibrations into your space!

Green Stone Bookends

Large Clear Crystal Candleholder

Black Stone Bookends

Agate Coasters

Small Amethyst Candleholder

Large Amethyst Candleholder

Although many interior design trends come and go, elements borrowed from the health and wellness space are here to stay! With a colourful assortment of natural stone and crystal home decor accessories, you can incorporate some good vibrations into any space in a way that is functional. Even if you’ve never set foot in a yoga studio, have unsubscribed to Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop empire, or just think crystals are a bunch of hooey, there’s no denying that these shiny, sparkly wonders are a welcome splash of colour in the home. 

Native to various countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Sri Lanka, purple amethyst crystals (for those who believe) have the power to rid negative energy within a room and keep “energy vampires” out of your personal space. For a neutral alternative, our clear quartz crystals are master healers that amplify energy and thoughts, and also assist with connecting to a higher self, intuition and spirit guides. To everyone else, they’re both just super dreamy crystals, which we now carry in the form of candle holders that sparkle in the light. 

If candles aren’t really your thing, try jazzing up your bookshelves with our natural stone bookends or elevate your cocktail hour with our new selection of agate stone coasters. Ideal for those whole want to bring good energy into their abode, agate stones are believed to help promote balance and harmony within the home.

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