Shop the Edit - How Pradnya Style Her Desk

As an interior design professional with over a decade of experience, Pradnya is no stranger to putting in the hours at her desk! To produce stunning results though, she considers it a necessity to work in an inspiring space that she loves. Here are some of Pradnya’s favourite pieces from her home office…

Black Metal Table Lamp with Brass Accent

Decorative Stag Head

Platinum Decorative Bowl

Hand Rubbed Irualan Desk

Gold Leaf Stacked Boxes

Tan Four Square Pillow

Bubble Head

Brass Oval Magnifying Glass

White Marble Bookends

Aphrodites Leather Chair

Brass Jaguar & Crystal Sphere Sculpture

As Homekin’s Head Designer, Pradnya spends countless hours pouring over plans, interior design and decor schemes, creating 3D renderings, and a whole lot more all at her desk! Don’t be mistaken though, we’re not talking about some dowdy little cubicle desk, under the miserable glow of buzzing neon lights! To get her creativity flowing, Pradyna chooses to surround herself with a carefully-curated selection of beautiful things. 

Although her workspace in our office is nothing to sneeze at (more on our office later – stay tuned!) her #WFM situation is truly something to behold! Seated on an antique-finish brass and leather chair with a suede cushion behind her at an intimidatingly beautiful black mahogany desk, Pradnya truly looks like the Boss that she is! 

On the surface of the desk, the decor story continues! If you’ve been reading along with us, you’ll know we talk a lot about “sculptural” pieces but Pradnya’s desk lamp literally is a sculpture, albeit a functional one. To balance things out, a modern bust sits on the opposite end of the desk. Magazines and design books are held between white marble bookends, while clippings and a number of other sources of inspiration are held in place with a golden stag’s head paperweight.

Site plans can sometimes include small illegible fonts, along with an architect’s scribbles so a brass magnifying glass is another beautiful yet functional piece of desk decor. Meanwhile, the jaguar balancing on a crystal sphere is there because… well, why not?! To hide some of the necessary clutter in an elegant way, pens, pencils, tape measure and the like are concealed in gold leaf boxes and for a little pick-me-up when the days grow long, you’ll usually find an assortment of sweets in a glass bowl. We’re partial to jujubes at Homekin… in case you were wondering 😉

Necessary Objects