Seated Comfort: 5 Armchair Solutions for Your Home

gold-toned armchair


The armchair is possibly one of our favourite pieces of furniture in a home. It’s one of those items that can have a place and serve a purpose in just about any room in your home. An armchair is the place where you curl up to read a book on a rainy day, it has borne witness to celebrations and intimate conversations with friends over a glasses of wine, it has had party dresses draped over it at the end of a glamorous night, served as a soft nook for furry friends to take a nap and cradled you when you’ve failed to stay awake while watching a movie on a Friday night. Apart from being incredibly functional, armchairs also tend to be rather stylish. With a wide array to choose from, we can guarantee that the right type of armchair is waiting for you to bring it home. Here are five different armchair solutions that we are loving at the moment…

Swoon-Worthy Swivels

Though not truly an armchair by definition, the swivel chair has become incredibly au courant and is used for the same purpose. Both sculptural and plush, swivel chairs are often as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Available in a multitude of fabrics and leathers and with countless swivel-base finishes, it’s easy to find one that fits in with the style of your space. Though both of the chairs featured in our clients’ living rooms above are upholstered in velvet, each is unique and perfectly suited to their surroundings. 

In the first living room, a pair of burnt-orange, channel-tufted, deco-inspired swivel chairs from CB2 were the perfect statement pieces. They instantly elevated the overall look of the space with its relaxed, oatmeal- linen sofa and distressed-leather ottoman, making the room feel incredibly luxe. In an otherwise serenely tonal room, they are a welcome pop of colour, which we tied in with a few throw pillows. Plus, with their swivelling motion, you can watch TV comfortably. 

For the next living room, a powder-pink velvet swivel was the answer to our armchair prayers! Mounted on a stunning, brass swivel-base, this barrel-backed chair is incredibly luxurious but yet clean and modern. It serves as a beautiful, contemporary contrast in a space that leans more traditional but yet, it is still soft enough to not detract from the incredible craftsmanship of the custom cabinetry.

nursery glider armchair

A Good Glider

Comfortable for nursing mothers and soothing in motion for babies, gliders are often the best type of armchair for your nursery. Like the swivel chair, they come in a variety of textiles but for our clients’ nursery above, we wanted to select a material that felt soft and natural. With white linen, we were able to create the desired look. Its neutral colour afforded us the luxury of freedom when it came to accessorizing with pillows and throws to complement the stunning Restoration Hardware crib.

Mad About Metals

For a hint of glam, we love a little metal! Deceivingly versatile, armchairs with a metal base can be used in a variety of contexts. In our client’s elegant play-room meets living room pictured above, we selected armchairs with a rich gold-toned base to bring warmth to the room. Meanwhile, for a living room in a different part of town, an armchair with a polished-brass base was placed alongside a matching end table as a clean, finishing touch that complemented the blue velvet couch beautifully.

All About Eames

Although La-Z-Boy armchairs and recliners are incredibly comfortable, they are somewhat lacking in the style department, to put it mildly. The Eames chair is the classic mid-century modern solution that, although also incredibly comfortable, will actually look lovely in your space. Whether you spring for the Herman Miller real deal or one of the many incredible replicas, an Eames chair will function as an armchair on its own and, with the ottoman, will recline into a lounger you can actually snooze in when need be. Above are two examples of clients’ homes in which we used an Eames to complete the contemporary look of their living room.

Missoni Home armchair

Reupholstering for the Win

If you have an armchair that is of great quality and has an appealing shape but is covered in fabric that has seen better days, consider giving it a facelift! If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know that we love a good reupholstery makeover and armchairs can be a great candidate. For the room above, our client had some high-quality pieces of furniture that were fabulous, with the exception of being covered in an outdated textile. With a vibrant, Missoni Home coral and green fabric, we were able to transform this traditional armchair from dreary to dreamy!