Our Favourite Light Fixtures Right Now



Lighting is an incredibly simple yet powerful decorating tool. Not only can a light fixture itself serve as a stunning focal point and work of art but also, the light it casts can do oh so much! The right light can alter the mood of an entire room, take a wall colour from murky to mod, and trick an onlooker into thinking you renovated by transforming the overall aesthetic. It is for these reasons that we’ve discussed the importance of fabulous lighting in the past. Today, we revisit the topic to showcase some of our favourite light fixtures right from a few of our vendors…

Floor Lamps from CB2

Whether it’s a cozy reading nook or a sophisticated living room, floor lamps are a great way to add not just light but verticality to a room. They have a tendency to scatter enticing shadows around a space and have the ability to draw the eye up, creating a sense of height. We’re also partial to a floor lamp that is not only wonderful when illuminated but also looks striking and sculptural when simply standing in broad daylight. Here are a few that caught our eye from CB2…

Table Lamps from Circa Lighting

We’re going to make a bold statement here but we believe it to be true: every home needs a table lamp or two! The reason is, table lamps can be used in so many different contexts. Think about it… you can place a table lamp on a bedside, console or end table as well as a desk! To find high-end designer light fixtures that will really make a statement, we often look to Circa! With access to our preferred pricing, we make it easy to find something you’ll love, regardless of which type of surface it will rest upon. Here are some pieces that we’re particularly loving right now…

Chandeliers from Elte

The word “chandelier” is often met with a grimace, as many still associate the word with gaudy crystal light fixtures from the 80s (which, funny enough, actually have made their way back and can look fabulous when used appropriately)! In reality though, chandeliers come in so many different forms these days, it’s easy to find something that works regardless of your personal aesthetic. A quick trip to Elte’s lighting department can result in a tired, unused dining room being filled with dinner party guests in no time! Where else can a chandelier be used? We love them suspended over beds for soft and intimate light or hung from a dazzlingly high ceiling to exaggerate the space and create a focal point. Depending on layout, bathrooms can be a particularly nice place to mount a chandelier to set the tone for a peaceful bath or to see your makeup in an evening glow before heading out for the night. Here are some of the best chandeliers at Elte at the moment…

Wall Sconces from Wayfair

If you were to go back in time to the European Middle Ages before dear Thomas Edison came into this world, you would have seen a lot of sconces mounted on the walls with candles. These OG sconces often had a reflective piece of metal behind the flame and the result was a lovely warm glow. Nowadays, we still use wall sconces but have swapped the candles for light bulbs (because you know, fire hazards and all that!) to create that candlelit ambience that has been adored by so many for centuries. Wall sconces can be lovely when placed on either side of  mirror in an entryway, powder room or bathroom, or they can frame a work of art hanging above a fireplace. In older homes and condos, where pot lights are few and far between, wall sconces can be a stunning lighting solution when spaced out along the walls. For lighting that is often affordable but still very much on trend, we sometimes turn to good old Wayfair! Here are some the pieces available right now…

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