Natasha's Morning Routine - Weekend Edition

Though the weekday mornings tend to be somewhat chaotic, Homekin founder Natasha sets aside time for a little morning R&R with her family on weekends. Discover how Natasha finds her zen with a few of her favourite things…

Natasha's Morning Routine - Weekend Edition

Five Minute Journal

Apothecary Jar & Safety Matches

Matte Twisted Vine Vase

Hand- Blown Glass Carafe 

Rosemary Lavender Candle

Missoni Red Giacomo Robe

Shagreen Pattern Serving Tray

Palo Santo Smudge Stick Bundle

Pink Pure Porcelain Mug

Eucalyptus Body Scrub

Sea Urchin Quartz Candle Holder

Brass Raised End Wastebasket

Missoni Family Cook Book

Buffalo Check Pet Bowl

For Homekin founder Natasha, the weekends are reserved for leisurely mornings with her family. On a typical Sunday morning, the sleeping beauty wakes up in her Merlot KIP Pajamas and pours herself a glass of lemon water from her blown-glass carafe perched on her side table. After a few refreshing sips, it’s time to jot down a few things in her 5 Minute Journal to start off the day on the right foot. This serves as a quick reminder of all Natasha has to be grateful for as well as goals and affirmations for the day! 

As someone who is known to carry crystals around in her purse, in the bathroom Natasha strikes a match to light a candle in her Sea Urchin Clear Crystal Quartz holder to amplify energy, aid concentration and memory and to help balance her energetic system. Then, she reaches for her Atelier La Vie Apothicaire Eucalyptus body scrub in her Shagreen Pattern Serving Tray and jumps in the shower. 

Once out of the shower and wrapped in a vibrant Missoni bathrobe, the ritual continues with the lighting of a smudge kit. The palo santo, harvested in Peru, is a simple and beautiful way to cleanse the energy of a space. Any rubbish accumulated throughout this process is neatly tossed into a decorative wastebasket, an item that Natasha feels is often overlooked in bathrooms. 

Downstairs, Natasha greets her family, lights a Rosemary Lavender candle and proceeds to pour herself a cup of coffee in her favourite pink porcelain mug. She feeds Augustina Cheeseburger McIntosh in her chic little bowl and sits down to flip through The Missoni Family Cookbook to find inspiration for dinner. Later on, Natasha finds calm and visual satisfaction in arranging seasonal, fresh-cut flowers in her Matte Twisted Vine Vase. 

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