Inspired by The One & Only Gwyneth

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Ever since the release of Architectural Digest’s article outlining the details of Gwyneth Paltrow’s tranquil Montecito home, the interior design world and decor junkies alike have been swooning over the glossy pages of relaxed splendour. Whether you fall into the camp that loves all things GP or not, it is impossible to deny that her home is absolutely stunning. In addition to the carefully-curated spaces being utterly gorgeous though, they are also refreshingly surprising. As the beauty and the brains behind a brand that focuses on natural health and wellness, we expected a home that was a bit more… well, goop-y?! Instead, there are far more subtle nods to the brand’s identity through the way in which the space functions day-to-day, “We spent a lot of time assessing family patterns, how we really live, what makes us most comfortable. The focus was on the experience, the emotion,” says Paltrow in her interview with AD. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a glimpse inside her home with photos courtesy of AD. For those who have already seen them, it’s definitely worth revisiting and we’ve also included a few suggestions on how to create a similar aesthetic in your own home…
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The tour begins in GP’s entryway that features stunning Georgian proportions and details borrowed from European homes such as the fireplace created with a reclaimed mantelpiece and the classic black and white tiles that she says remind her of her time in England. Immediately upon entry, you are hit with the pleasing juxtaposition of old with new, which is carried out throughout the home. To achieve a similar vibe, we suggest adding a few earthenware bowls and vases or pieces with a similar patina like the ones below. These items make great vessels to display dramatic, sinuous branches clipped from a garden or, during winter months, try one of the faux options below.
For most, the heart of the home is the kitchen and for GP that’s certainly the case, as the author of several successful cookbooks. This serene and warm off- white kitchen is made all the more cozy and luxurious with yet another fireplace surrounded by a fluted wall. Simple cabinetry is brought to life with elegant shining brass knobs, while the harvest table and benches pare things back and serve as a friendly reminder that this is a family home. For colour, GP displays an impressive collection of blue and white china, a look that can easily be imitated with some of the pieces below.
In a different room, we see a more formal dining area. Although incredibly fancy as far as the pieces selected go, the space still feels incredibly relaxed and inviting. Above the sculptural Martin Massé table for Kolkhoze with GamFratesi chairs for Porro, a Thomas Newman Studio chandelier floats and gently illuminates the MJ Atelier wallpaper and consoles by Robert Kuo. These luxe details are once again offset though with rustic jars and vases and blackened candle stick holders, similar to the items shown below.
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If you follow interior design accounts on Insta, you’ve without a doubt come across this living room because it is just beyond! Like… we can’t even! Next to the dining room, it is without a doubt our favourite room in the house and one in which we would love to sip a cocktail with GP at the oh-so-fabulous freestanding onyx bar by Roman and Williams (one can dream, right?!). On the other side of the room, a Charles Zana sofa through The Invisible Collection and Jan Ekselius lounge chairs surround a Julian Mayor cocktail table, while a Lindsey Adelman lighting installation twinkles overhead. For a similar look, try adding a sculptural marble end table like the one below or hang some floating golden shelves and gilded mirrors to reflect light and create a similar warmth.
In a smaller area on an upper-floor landing, a custom curving sofa is a beautiful pairing with the Nickey Kehoe cocktail table to create a quiet and intimate space for reading or just daydreaming! To recreate this look, try adding some spherical throw pillows, a shearling occasional chair, and some simple white vases on top of an unfinished oak cocktail table, as shown below. 

For more details, check out AD’s video above or to recreate the look, contact us to get started!