Inside the Home of Travis Barker

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Often depicted in unsmiling photographs showing his numerous tattoos, Travis Barker may come across as a somewhat stern and intimidating character. In a recent feature and home tour with AD, however, we were surprised to discover that his home decor aesthetic is as soft as his voice. Contrary to what you might think, this Vegan antithesis of a typical rockstar wanted to create a home that was an escape from all the chaos of stardom and, most importantly, a comfortable space to spend quality time with his new wife (Kourtney Kardashian) and growing family. Here are some of our favourite spaces in his home, along with some suggestions on how to achieve a similar look…

Over the 16 years that Barker has owned his Calabasas home, both he and his family have made good use of all the rooms and surrounding property but three years ago when he was about to embark on a lengthy tour, he thought it was time for a refresh. Though he met with several well-known interior designers, it was an initial meeting with Waldo Fernandez that put the wheels in motion. Drawn to the “simplicity and zen quality” of Fernandez’s work, Barker set out on tour and gave the designer full control of the project with a few simple guiding principles (AD). The goal was to create a family-friendly home that was free of clutter and with plenty of space to allow him to think. Ultimately, this idea translated into a space that is very subdued in terms of colour, rich in texture with plenty of luxe linen upholstery, and accented with warm woods and heavy patinas. Though completely unexpected, the home is undeniably lovely!

When we look through photos of various homes, we often like to start by examining the kitchen, as it typically is the heart of the home. In Casa Barker, the saying holds true as the musician says that although he isn’t ever home for very long, when he is, he likes to make it count. It is here in this clean and uncomplicated kitchen that his family sips on matcha lattes (he claims to be an expert!). Nestled within light-wood panels and accented with simple black hardware that feels somewhat industrial, you will find Wolf wall ovens and SubZero fridges. Floating above the dark stone countertops are Alvar Aalto pendants, a further nod to the subtle underlying industrial theme throughout the home. Off to the side sits a breakfast nook featuring a custom round dining table encircled by chairs in the style of Jean Prouve where the family gathers to chat, do homework and eat vegan cuisine. In another room lies a more formal dining area suited for larger gatherings or Sunday dinners with family. Here, a stunning custom table sits on a neutral speckled rug and is surrounded by Pierre Jeanneret- style chairs.

For lounging and family time, the elegant, earthy style story continues in the form of Lee Jofa linen upholstered lounge chairs, wooden accents, and pottery with heavy patina and in terracotta tones. In each of these spaces, Fernandez considers visual interest but not at the cost of sacrificing practicality for a home that needs to accommodate a large family. He does this by combining more traditional seating (couches and lounge chairs) with smaller stools for additional seating, as well as large coffee tables and several side tables.

When it’s time to rest his head, Barker retires to a bedroom that is filled with more sumptuous natural fibres that create an overall look of undone elegance and relaxed luxury. The sandy window treatments look slightly rumpled in just the right way, the throws are tossed here and there inviting you to curl up in front of the fire and yes, more natural wood and pottery with lovely patina can also be found here too to complete the woodsy California ease meets industrial modern masterpiece that is Travis Barker’s home.

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