How to Update Your Home for Spring

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Something about the start of the spring season in particular always makes us crave little changes with big impacts. Perhaps it’s simply a symptom of living in the City of Toronto where let’s face it, the grey, cold winter goes on just a touch too long! It doesn’t take much – the occasional sunny day, the sight of early spring blossoms or the return of honking Canada geese- and we are off to the races making grand plans on how to update our home for spring!

Now we could wax on about the latest and greatest paint colours in easter egg pastels or tell you to reupholster all your furniture but we’re realistic. Very few can and/or want to redecorate to this extent seasonally. Instead, we’ve put our heads together to think of a few ways you might want to freshen your space for the season, without committing to lengthy or pricey updates.

Here’s what we had in mind…

Consider Light Fixtures

Photo Courtesy of Frederic Magazine

As the days get longer and brighter, we rely less heavily on our light fixtures. As a result, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps become increasingly aesthetic versus functional. With that said, why not try making some temporary adjustments for the season and upcoming summer months? Moving a table, desk or floor lamp to a different area within a space or another room entirely can make a world of a difference. Or, if the light fixture in question has one or many shades, that’s where the fun really begins! Think beyond crisp white shades and let your imagination run wild! Is there a colour or print that you’ve always loved but never known how to incorporate into your home? Custom shades for your lamps, sconces and chandeliers might be the answer. Give us a ring and we will be absolutely thrilled to show you all the options in both the ready-made and custom shade world!

Swap Out Wall Decor

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Another simple way to really changed the mood in a space is to reevaluate your wall decor. Unlike paint or wallpaper, hanging a painting or print featuring fresh, spring-y colours can be temporary. When selecting artwork, you can either take cues from colours already present in the space or go completely rogue by adding a fun and unexpected splash. Alternatively, mirrors are a fabulous way to reflect the bright and cheerful spring light. With a number of decorative frames to choose from, mirrors are a functional way of adding another element to your design scheme and, when placed strategically, can have the effect of making a room look and feel larger than it actually is. 

Branch Out

Photo Courtesy of House & Garden

When styling homes, be it our own or for a shoot, it’s a well-known fact that we like to incorporate a fair amount of florals at any time of year. The spring, however, presents another element that is unique to the season – flowering branches! Before the summer foliage comes in, there is a brief but magical period when several bushes and trees are covered in beautiful and fragrant blossoms. Eastern Redbuds offer incredible mauve-pink hues, Magnolias come in an ombre of white and fuchsia and add a wonderful Japanese element to a space, and Forsythias bring a burst of vibrant yellow when bunched together – to name a few. Although some of these branches may be found at your favourite local flower market, you may also be able to find them in your very own yard in the coming weeks. Style these branches in tall minimal glass and crystal vases or, for a bit of earthy juxtaposition, clay and earthenware pottery can look fabulous too. If, however, the thought of pollen and petals littering your countertops and floors makes you nervous, we have the inside scoop on some of the best places to find faux alternatives – just ask us!

Roll Up a Rug or Two

Aerin Lauder's Hamptons Home - Photo Courtesy of Vogue

When decorating a room from scratch, some believe it is best practice to start by selecting an area rug, while for others, this selection comes later in the process. At Homekin, we like to give ourselves options by keeping a few rugs rolled up and stowed away for when the mood strikes! If you have the extra space, or have a storage locker somewhere, rugs are actually incredibly easy to roll up, tape up and store! For spring, thick-pile wool rugs can be swapped out in favour of lighter silk rugs in softer hues or botanical-inspired patterns. Sisal and tribal weaves can achieve the right look too and will transition well into the summer months. If moving furniture around seems like an impossible task, start small! A new mat in your powder room or by the bedside might be all you need.

Update the Unexpected

Sometimes opportunities for seasonal updates can be found in the most unexpected places! Sure, throw pillows and blankets can be rotated and planters in front of your home can change according to the time of year and upcoming festivities! Those are all effective changes that we welcome but you can also update the unexpected. Consider the wastebasket in your home office, the hand towel and bath accessories in your powder room, the catch-all tray in your entryway, or the tea towel by your kitchen sink… small accessories like these are great places to add a touch of spring flare! 

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