How to Style Your Home for Thanksgiving



With the leaves changing colours and an undeniable nip in the air, we know it’s fall and with fall comes one of our favourite holidays, Canadian Thanksgiving! Although we’re always happy to endorse any holiday that involves decadent feasts followed by copious amounts of pie, we are also fans of the decor that comes with it. Whether you’re hosting your entire family, having a cheeky post-feast nightcap with friends or simply want to embrace the spirit of the holiday, we always find it a lovely touch to incorporate some elements of the season. Before you cringe and write this off as a post about how to make your home look like a harvest wagon, hear us out! When styling your home for the season, the level of commitment you go with is 100% up to you. It’s a “choose your own adventure” decor- version, if you will. Some will want to go full-tilt with bales of hay, scarecrows and the like, which, if that’s your thing, have at it! For us, we prefer a more subtle approach that is somewhat more discreet than the latter but undeniably nods to the season and holiday. Here’s what we suggest…

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

1. Accessorize Your Entrance

If your home is a house, decorative urns are the simplest way to denote the season. Your urns can be as simple as a potted chrysanthemum in white, yellow, orange or red. For a  more decorative look, you can add ornamental grasses, celosia, sunflowers, ornamental peppers, kale, cabbage or asters. Seasonal wreaths can also be a simple but effective solution for brightening your front door. Although many of your local grocery stores and markets will carry both, we’re particularly fond of Sheridan Nurseries selection.

If your home is a condo however, chances are urns and in some cases wreaths are not an option. Even so, it’s worthwhile to consider your entryway. The smallest seasonal bouquet within your condo on your entryway credenza can make a world of a difference. Or, you can even strategically place a candle or a diffuser with an appropriate fragrance to set the mood. The power of theatre of the mind is amazing and fragrances are a great way to evoke the right vibe.

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

2. Make Use of Mantels & Shelves

As you look around your living room, take note of the surfaces you have available to you. Mantels and shelves, particularly built-ins make for great decorating opportunities. Think seasonal branches, flowers in rusty hues and candle sticks in muted metal tones. If you wish, you can add in a few small gourds, pampas grass and the like and arrange them all together on your surfaces in a way that isn’t too precious. Perfection isn’t the goal here but getting it right does require patience.

Photo Courtesy of West Elm

3. Switch up Your Accessories

We talk a lot about changing pillow covers and throws but it’s with good reason. It’s unlikely that you’re going to swap sofas and other larger pieces of furniture to go with the season so the only realistic way to make them feel new, is to accessorize them accordingly. For texture, we like linens, velvets, faux furs and brushed satins, for fall. For colours, muted metallic colours, burnt and rusty hues or deep, jewel tones tend to work best.

Photo Courtesy of Eye Swoon

4. Take the Time to Tablescape

For a seasonal tablescape that is utterly elegant, we’ve narrowed it down to a few simple guidelines. First, for the fall season, we like to add some warmth to a dining table by incorporating some linens. This could be a full tablecloth, a simple runner or placemats. We’re particularly fond of them in linen as the rumpled nature of the fabric looks understated and yet incredibly luxe. Second, dimming the lights and adding candles is essential for further warmth and ambience. We suggest that you avoid things being too symmetrical or perfect. Instead, arrange the candles so that they zigzagging down the table and undulate in height. Third, think beyond flowers when it comes to adding life to the table. As much as we love flowers, some of the best thanksgiving tablescapes don’t include a single bloom. Instead, think about what’s in season. You could include branches from your yard that have dropped their blooms in favour of berries. There are also plenty of small gourds in wonderful colours  and shapes that can add great dimension to your table. Last, keep your place setting simple but have fun with a cloth napkin. The napkin can be the difference between sophisticated and opulent affair and a chic but laidback family gathering. They have the power to tie it all together and are a further opportunity to add colour.