How to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher



When contemplating walls in any given room, there is a tendency to focus so much on the four surrounding walls that we often forget to consider the fifth wall. The often neglected and overlooked ceiling, though not always the most exciting feature in a room, plays an important role. If properly considered, a ceiling can take a room from stuffy to palatial. When working with a room that feels cramped, there are several simple things you can do to create the appearance of higher ceilings for a more airy feel. Here’s what we suggest…

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Select an Appropriate Ceiling Colour

In our last post, we discussed how lighter paint colours can create the appearance of a larger living room and the same can be said of your ceilings. A light-coloured ceiling (preferably white, in most cases) will reflect more light and create a sense of space. Beyond light though, a white ceiling doesn’t draw attention to itself. Instead of focusing on the ceiling and its limited height, it merely floats above you.

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Consider Your Crown Moldings & Trim 

As much as we love contrasting crown molding and trim colours, it’s not always the best decision when you’re trying to create a sense of space. When having your walls painted, consider painting the trim or moldings the same colour as the walls to create the illusion of the wall extending higher than it actually does. If you’re all about having some contrasting colour, you can still do this with your baseboards without it detracting from the vertical effect.

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Make informed Decisions With Your Lighting

When working with low ceilings, we generally try to avoid hanging light fixtures, as they tend to draw attention to the ceiling height and have a closing-in effect. Instead, use your pot lights, install decorative flush mounts and pair them with some fabulous table lamps. If you must hang a chandelier or pendants, we suggest hanging them slightly higher than you normally would.

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Splash out on Drapery

In our last post, we also touched upon the value of getting a professional into your home to discuss window treatments. Although they tend to be on the pricier side, floor-to-ceiling drapery that is mounted well above your window has an incredibly dramatic effect and tricks the eye into thinking that the ceilings are much higher than they actually are. When selecting a textile to do this though, avoid horizontal stripes or patterns. Instead, opt for solid colours or patterns that have a verticality to them.

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Go for Tall Florals & Branches

If you are bonkers about flowers and greenery like we are, you’ll be happy to hear that they can actually be incredibly effective when looking to enhance ceiling height. Try purchasing an oversized vase or urn that is narrow but tall enough to sit on the floor or a low table and style it with some long, dramatic branches. This forces an onlooker’s eyes to slow down as their gaze travels around the room and moves upward. Alternatively, floral arrangements that are minimal in width but have a good amount of height will have the same effect.

Add in Some Art

Art work is another great way of drawing the eye upwards and can be achieved in a number ways. First, consider the art itself. Try to select pieces that are of a portrait orientation as opposed to landscape. Next, think about where and how you want to hang them. Hanging pieces above fireplaces and in some cases door-frames can create a vertical illusion. When mounting the pieces on your walls, try hanging them slightly higher than you normally would.