How to Make the Most of Your Entryway



Cast your mind back to our pre-lockdown world *le sigh!* and think about the way you felt whenever you entered your favourite boutique or restaurant. Chances are, they hold a special place in your heart because upon the moment of entry, the ambience is palpable, the vibe is clear, and the space immediately puts you in a particular (positive) mood. The same should be true when you enter your home, which is why we felt it was worthwhile to discuss the virtues of thoughtfully decorating your entryway. Your entryway ought to be so much more than a door and a welcome mat! Think of your entryway as the threshold to your personal oasis. It’s a visitor’s first point of contact with your home and therefore, it should be designed to immediately set the desired mood and foreshadows the overall aesthetic of your home. Here are some of our thoughts on how to make the most of your entryway…

hexagonal tiles

Fun Floors

When it comes to choosing flooring for your entryway, we urge our clients to keep two things in mind… First, the entryway is a high-traffic area that is bound to see salt, slush, sand and the like and second, it’s a relatively small part of their home so why not have some fun with it?! This client took our suggestions to heart and opted for an incredibly durable and low-maintenance hexagonal tile and used a contrasting white tile to create the word ‘HOME,’ a riff on a classic welcome mat. The result is a clean and modern entryway that is practical but also playful and welcoming.

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The Right Rug

When a contrasting patch of tiles in your entryway isn’t the route you wish to take, consider finding the right rug. An area rug can define the space, protect your floors but also add comfort and a sense of style, immediately upon entry. The client above went with a bold, striped rug that contrasts beautifully with their light-wood floors but also protects them. The simple pattern and B&W tones speak to the minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic of their home, while also making the entryway feel warm.

Interior Design Packages - Remote Styling -EntryWay inspiration

The Entryway Furniture Formula

If you have an entryway that is large enough and of the correct layout to furnish, there are only three pieces of furniture you really need to consider; a console table, a mirror, and a stool or bench. Start with the console table, as it’s the largest piece and will dictate the style of the mirror and bench. Typically, there isn’t a tonne of room to play with in an entryway so the depth of your console is of the utmost importance. Once you’ve determined the maximum depth, look for a console that speaks to your personal aesthetic but is also functional. Remember, this is the place where you are going to toss your keys day-to-day and probably where your guests will place their purse. Next, pull an element from the console to choose your mirror. In the entryway above, the client adored the brass pulls on her console so we selected an opulent, baroque-style carved mirror to complement it. Last, choose a bench or stool that will allow you to pull on your thigh-highs, while also adding some visual interest. In the home above, we used a cow-hide stool for texture and a subtle element of surprise.

Bold Paints & Wallpaper

We’ve previously talked about the power of unexpected paint colours and bold wallpapers throughout your home and if you haven’t already taken the plunge, we urge you to consider them for your entryway. Regardless of which you choose, bold paints and wallpapers are a great tool for making a statement in any entryway but we find them particularly effective when space is limited. If the layout of your entryway doesn’t allow for the aforementioned furniture formula, add some colour or pattern to define the space and set the tone of your home. Above are two wonderful examples of clients that went this route. The first features a front door in a stunning, misty-teal paint, which complements the border tiling beautifully and serves as a statement in an entryway that was too narrow to comfortably accommodate furniture. The second entryway was in our client’s condo so to make the most of the space, we used this incredible wallpaper by Cole & Son to make a small entryway feel incredibly grand.

Interior Design Packages - Remote Styling -EntryWay inspiration

Flowers & Fragrance

If you’ve been reading along, you may have come across our post about how to keep your home chic and seasonal. In this post, we discussed the importance of the florals and fragrance in your home and it is particularly relevant in an entryway. Flowers are a beautiful and low-commitment way of adding colour to your entryway plus, they have the power to brighten the mood of anyone who strolls through your door. Fragrance, whether it’s in the form of a candle or a diffuser, creates ambience and is powerfully connected with memories. From the chic votives of Johnathan Adler’s candles to the cheeky messages on Tom Ford’s (note the ‘F&@%KING FABULOUS’ candle above) there are plenty to choose from to send off the right message in style.