How to Jazz Up Your Bathroom Without Committing to a Full Reno



With the exception of those who live in a newly-built or renovated home, most people have at least one room in their home that makes them sigh with dismay whenever they look at it. If the room in question is a bathroom, it often ends up near the bottom of the “to do” list as bathrooms, second to the kitchen, tend to be the most costly of home improvements and also the most invasive. If you find yourself wanting to improve your bathroom but lack the pain tolerance or budget for a full-on reno, fret not! There are several ways to jazz up a bathroom without committing to a renovation. Here’s what we suggest…

Photo Courtesy of House & Garden

Evaluate Your Storage

Whether it’s the master bath or your powder room, take a look at the space and evaluate your storage solutions. Where are you stashing away extra toilet paper rolls, tissues, beauty products and the like? Bathrooms tend to come with a lot of necessary bits and bobs that, if not properly dealt with, can quickly make the space feel tired and unkempt. These items have a tendency to clutter up sinks and surfaces so we like to look at storage as a way of bringing a new visual tone into the space that is also functional. A glass museum cabinet, as shown above, can be an elegant solution. Alternatively floating shelves painted in a striking colour can create visual interest and a practical surface for potions and lotions. For towels, try rolling them up and placing them in a rattan basket for a bit of natural texture. It’s astonishing how one or two new items can completely transform the vibe of your space.

Photo Courtesy of House & Garden

Examine Your Walls

Nothing breathes new life into bathroom fixtures like revamped walls but if you’re not sure where to begin, start by taking a closer look at your tiles, marble etc. Pay attention to the details! Maybe your countertops have pink-hued veins running through them or subtle grey flecks? It’s little details like this that can serve as cues for which direction to go. Then, the next step is to decide what specifically you wish to do. Paint is the obvious choice and can go a long way! You can go as big and bold or discrete and subtle as you like. For more impact, wallpapering is always a fabulous option and one that we would be thrilled to guide you with. For something a little unexpected that you may not have considered, we love to add in some paneling. Having some paneling installed on the lower half of your bathroom walls is a great recipe for a quick and easy refresh. It has the power to bring character to your bathroom and comes with room for creative interpretation. To add texture alone, the paneling can be painted in a colour that is tonal with the paint or wallpaper on the upper half of the wall. Or, for added impact, select a contrasting colour.

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Rethink Your Hardware

In a previous post, we discussed 4 Easy Ways to Achieve an Haute Look for Less. Hardware, is one of our go-to tactics for both elevating the look of a budget friendly purchase and to give older pieces a fresh look. This can be as simple as swapping out the pulls, knobs and hooks for something fresh and new. Alternatively, have one of our industry professionals come in to install a new bathroom fixture such as a faucet. A simple swap of a chrome faucet for one that is matte black or brass can take a perfectly nice bathroom and transform it into a sleek and up-to-date wonder.