How to Give Your Powder Room a Summer Refresh



Even as the nights get warmer and we start to enjoy balmy evenings entertaining friends outdoors, your guests will inevitably still step inside to powder their noses. The powder room is one of those spaces that, regardless of season, tends to get a lot of use and is seen by all who cross your threshold. With that in mind, we like to give our powder rooms a little refresh every couple of months to keep them looking seasonal and on point. We’re not suggesting re-doing your wallpaper or installing new light fixtures on the regular but rather, making simple little updates that can make all the difference by adding to the allure of the room. Here’s what we suggest…

Add in Some Acrylic

Acrylic home decor accessories are definitely having a moment and it just so happens that they work incredibly well with the summer season, as they come in such a juicy spectrum of colours. As flowers are always a must for a powder room, we are particularly fond of acrylic bud vases to display seasonal blooms in a clean and artful fashion.

Check the Energy

If you read Natasha’s Morning Routine, you’ll know that our founder (along with other members of the Homekin team) loves a good crystal. Whether you believe in their healing and energy-altering powers or not, crystals are an undeniably beautiful decorative addition to any space and can work incredibly well in powder rooms in the form of candle holders to serve as a vessel for a fresh summery-scented candle.

Display Some Light Reading

Although they’re called “coffee table books” the reality is they can go just about anywhere and serve as a great method for displaying your decorative treasures at various heights. We doubt that any of your guests will actually crack one open (then again, you never know :s) but they look fabulous and can easily be swapped out to alter the mood and vibe.

Make the Most of Your Rubbish

The wastebasket is one of the most commonly overlooked items in just about any room in the home. It’s typically viewed as a necessary evil and therefore usually takes the form of some sad little stainless steel cylinder shoved in the corner. Instead of it being an afterthought though, we feel that since it has to be there anyway, why not make it a part of the decor scheme?! Who says that a basket full of lipstick kisses can’t be beautiful?

Create a Vignette with Necessary Objects

Though luxurious hand soaps and lotions are always appreciated in a bathroom, you don’t do them any justice by slapping them on the counter. If space allows, we love to make a vignette of all the necessary things you can find in a powder room by arranging them on a tray. The aforementioned acrylic material is a great option but we also carry a number of others in marble, shagreen pattern, brass and more.