How to Give Your Home a Parisian Vibe



Home to world-renowned brands such as Givenchy, Dior, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and so many more, Paris has been long considered one of the most important design capitals. Further to this, for decades upon decades, we have looked to the Parisians themselves for guidance and inspiration when it comes to fashion and for very good reason. Even when dressed in more modest brands, Parisians have a certain way of always looking completely effortless and yet utterly chic. It therefore should really come as no surprise that their homes tend to emanate a similar vibe. Whether it’s their wardrobe or their interiors in question, Parisians have mastered the balance of an aesthetic that is cool but yet completely timeless. What we’ve learned is that many of the Parisian rules for dressing actually translate incredibly well for interiors too. Here are 3 things to consider in order to give your home a Parisian vibe…

Photo Courtesy of Home Designing

1. Pick One Statement Piece

When Parisians dress themselves, they adhere to a strict rule of only donning one statement piece in a single outfit. This might be a pair of statement earrings, a brightly-coloured handbag or a pair of knockout shoes. The same can be said of any given room. When selecting your pieces, don’t fall into the trap of choosing multiple on-trend items. Not only will the room feel dated quickly but also, having multiple statement pieces actually detracts for the overall look. Instead, select one, stand-out piece. This could be a fabulous chandelier, a sculptural arm chair, an incredible headboard or what have you. Then, work around that piece with more neutral and muted items that complement it but don’t compete or take away from it.

A Parisian apartment in the Eighth Arrondissement. Photo courtesy of Cottages & Gardens.

2. Invest in Quality over Quantity

In North American, this can be a difficult concept to wrap our heads around, as we live in a society that seems to revolve around more, more, more and new, new, new. Parisians are known for investing in good-quality staples for their wardrobes that will stand the test of time. This might mean splurging on a tweed jacket, for example, that although incredibly expensive, is a beautifully-crafted classic that will look great for years to come. The same can be said of their homes. Although Parisian homes tend to be more understated and sparsely furnished, every piece serves a purpose and will not only look fabulous for years to come from a style perspective, they are also built to withstand daily use. Things like seating, be it an armchair or a sofa, for example, are items that are worth investing in, as they see a lot of use and are a major focal point in a room.

Joseph Dirand's Paris apartment. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

3. Avoid Trends

One of the greatest things about people-watching in Paris is that no two individuals are dressed the same! The reason is that Parisians generally try to stay away from trends and instead embrace personality and individuality. In their homes, they live by the same principle. They follow a strict ‘no-rules’ rule of mixing old with new and avoiding trendy pieces like the plague. As many Parisian apartments are within old buildings, most residents try to maintain the integrity or original features such as windows and moldings, while making these spaces feel fresh and new with more contemporary furniture and carefully-selected paint colours. Never will they impose a trend such as brass fixtures simply because they are in style. Instead, every item is selected specifically for that space with the intent that it will work in the long run, not because it’s very “right now.”