How to Find Your Personal Style



Fashion and interior decor are undeniably tied to one another and yet, the two don’t always seem to translate when it comes to an individual’s home. What we mean to say is that it never ceases to amaze us how so many of us can be incredibly confident in our likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion but remain utterly lost or overwhelmed when making decisions for our interiors. That said, we completely understand! There are endless options and directions one can take and although your wardrobe may have a super modern and minimalist aesthetic, for example, that may not be the vibe you wish to have in your home. So how does one find their personal style when it comes to interiors? Here are a few places you may wish to start…

Start by Creating a Mood Board

This is by no means a new concept but it’s a tried and true method that also happens to be the starting point for the Homekin process. Whether it’s by tearing out photos from magazines, a Pinterest board, saving photos on Insta or on your desktop, start by collecting photos of interiors that speak to you. They can be as high-end or budget friendly as you wish and don’t necessarily need to pertain to the particular room in question. This exercise is simply about discovering what kind of general look or vibe you gravitate towards. As you work through this process, don’t overthink it! As the images pile up, certain themes will naturally start to emerge and will serve as an excellent starting point.

Take a Tour of Your of Your Home & Closet

If this isn’t your first home and you already own some furniture and decor, take a walk through your home and examine what you already have. If you still love some of your pieces, take note of them and think about why you purchased them in the first place. Was it the shape, or the textile? Or maybe the reasons were nostalgic or alternatively, practical. Next, browse your closet. As we mentioned before, personal wardrobes won’t always “go” with one’s interior decor but they can still inform us of certain style preferences. Take note of colours, textures and patterns that appear several times on hangers, as you may be able to incorporate them in the form of a paint colour or a simple throw pillow. Subtle touches like this have the power to truly make you feel at home in your own space.

Get Out There

Although photos and online shopping are incredible tools, some of us still need to get out there and experience things in person. Inspiration can truly come from anywhere so get out there! The designated “husband sofa” at your favourite clothing boutique might just be the lightning bolt of inspiration you need, or perhaps it’s the flatware or the light fixtures at a restaurant you love. As you go about your day, if you come across something that speaks to you visually, snap a photo of it and think about what it is about that item that you love. You never know how you might be able to incorporate these things into your space but we can assure you that when you take this approach, the results will feel authentic and unique to you!