How to Embrace the Earthy Interior Design Trend



In ancient times, the Romans used earth-tone colours and geometric patterns to mimic nature and its harmony. Since then, earthy tones (specifically) brown have appeared from time to time over the decades in the form of 1970s leather furniture, then again later on in the form of kitchens and cabinetry and so forth. It got to the point that we cringed at the mere mention of brown and shuddered to think it was once the colour of choice. Fast forward to today, and these brown-ish earthy tones are rearing their ugly head once again… except, this time around, they’re not so ugly! In fact, we’re kind of obsessed. We get it, it’s a bit of a mind boggle how we’ve gone full circle back to earthy tones but that’s how things go. There’s no doubt that trends are cyclical and speak to the past, however they do evolve! If you’re looking around your home and trying to wrap your head around how you might incorporate this new twist on earth tones into your home, here are a few thoughts to consider…

Start Small 

If you’re hesitant to make major changes to your home, you can dip your toe in the murky waters of earthy tones by starting small. You don’t have to plunge right in with a dramatic change but rather, ease into the look with small but effective updates. Try some new throw pillows and blankets in rich chocolatey browns and ambers, a single terracotta table lamp perhaps casting a warm light, a small pouf or ottoman in a deep leafy green. These are low-commitment and cost-effective ways of trying the trend on for size. Live with it for a while and see whether it grows on you or not! One small adjustment can bring clarity and inspiration. Above are a few examples of pieces we love. For details, please contact us!

Learn from the Best

If you’re someone who has trouble visually what things might look like, the best thing to do is to dive into some photos for inspiration. For us, we like to take notes from the best by looking through Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Vogue Interiors and the like either online or in magazine form. From these sources, you can get clear visuals for what current trends can look like. Sure, these looks are often created by the cream of the crop designers and often with very high-end furnishings but they can still inform your decisions, regardless of budget. Above are some of our favourite examples of earthy interiors at the moment… 

Make Swatches & Test Patches Your Friends

If you’re considering painting, reupholstering, or purchasing new pieces altogether, it’s a good idea to test things out before you commit. For paint, once you’ve narrowed it down to a few colours, buy some small sample cans and literally paint patches on the area in question. Let the patches fully dry, leave them there and go about your business as usual. After a few days or maybe weeks, you will have formed an opinion. The same goes for fabrics! Before you commit to recovering your new pieces or getting costly window treatments made, buy a large swatch of the fabric and pin it to the area in question and live with it to see how you really feel. It will likely look different throughout the day according to the light and may work or clash with the pieces and fixtures around it in ways you didn’t expect. For new furniture purchases, it’s not always possible to get an exact swatch but finding something similar can help you figure out whether the piece is going to work.