How to Achieve the Anatomy of a Scandal Look in Your Home



It’s hard to believe that anyone would have ever been on the fence about Sienna Miller with her A-list performances and looks but if there were any ever doubts, one only needs to watch the recent Netflix drama, “Anatomy of a Scandal.” Though we were already sold by the cast, nail-biting plot and incredible costume curation, we were further enthralled as the show took us inside the home of Sophie and James Whitehouse. Based on the novel by Sarah Vaughan (which is well worth a read, even after watching the show btw), the Netflix adaptation does a beautiful job of playing off of the theatre of the mind and bringing the imagery that the book conjures to reality, particularly with the set. After a few rewinds and careful examination of stills from the show, we’ve put together a selection of pieces that can help you achieve the ‘Whitehouse look’ that everyone is swooning over…

Without revealing too much for those who have yet to watch, one of the initial nerve-wracking opening scenes takes place in the couple’s living room, which amongst all the tension and dark subject matter, serves as an absolutely beautiful contrast. Though neutral in palette, much like our heroine’s wardrobe, the room is undeniably captivating. With the perfect balance of pieces that lean heavily towards a more traditional aesthetic and those that feel a bit more contemporary, this space is a stunning example of transitional decor and one that can be easily achieved. 

A beige, velvet sofa sits on a cream, patterned, area rug and is flanked by two table lamps that add a subtle touch of opulence with their brass details. For colour, we adore the chinoiserie pottery used to hold an elaborate cream and white bouquet, while dashes for verdant greens in the form of poufs, throw pillows and artwork serve as nice nods to more traditional British spaces. For additional sources of light, the gold-toned wall sconces do wonders and illuminate the Cole & Son’s Nuvolette wallpaper (which we also love, for the record. We’ve installed it before in a toddler’s bedroom), while the crystal chandelier adds to the ambience and brings balance to a space that though transitional, leans a bit more traditional. Mahogany accent tables anchor the space, while a glass and gold-accented coffee table brings a contemporary, airy touch.

To achieve this aesthetic, it’s all about creating a clean traditional base and then layering in colour and personality from there. Splashes of green are particularly key for this decor scheme and can be easily achieved in the form of throw pillows, occasional chairs and planters. To add in that Victorian charm, we love the use of chinoiserie pottery to serve as vases for extravagant bouquets. Heavier mahogany and velvet-upholstered pieces have to be balanced out with elements that are lighter and more contemporary, while light fixtures should be varied; table lamps, wall sconces and an opulent crystal chandelier. For the walls, although the right paint colour can work, we do love a good wallpaper and feel it really adds to the vibe. Need some more ideas on how to achieve this look? Get in touch or shop other necessary objects below…

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