Homekin Essentials for a Dreamy Boudoir

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When it comes to decorating, we are all guilty of focusing on the spaces where we entertain and spend the most waking hours in; the kitchen, the family room, the dining room etc. Meanwhile, our poor bedrooms are often left sparse or outdated, with the door deliberately closed whenever someone pays a visit. In reality though, our bedrooms are where we truly relax and recharge so why shouldn’t they receive the same attention as the rest of our home? 

Your bedroom is a highly personal space in your home that ought to be serene and tranquil, while also stylish and functional. To create that dreamy, pinterest-worthy boudoir you’ve always envisioned for yourself, there are few guidelines that we live by…

Sulking Room Pink

Create a focal point…

Though it is certainly worthwhile to select a bed frame or headboard with care, keep in mind that the work doesn’t end there. It simply isn’t enough to stick a stylish bed in a room and say, “Et voila!!” To make the room feel polished, we often urge clients to think about creating a focal point that draws the eye in and serves as a jumping off point for all the other decorative choices. Creating an accent wall behind your bed is a great way to do this. Whether it’s wallpaper or a great paint colour, the effect is the same. It’s just a question of your personal taste and budget. As an alternative (or in addition to), we suggest finding a fabulous piece (or pieces) of artwork to hang above your bed. From soft, botanical prints to bold, abstract paintings, the options and price points are endless! In our clients’ bedroom above, we created a contrasting wall with Farrow & Ball’s ‘Sulking Room Pink’ paint and hung a modern painting just above the bed for some added impact.

Interior Design Packages - Remote Styling -Bedroom Inspiration

Reconsider your bedside table lamps…

Bedside lighting is a must-have for a proper bedroom but before you go shopping, there are a few factors worth considering. First, evaluate the size of your bedside tables. Next, how high is your bed and headboard? Is it a low, ultra-modern bed? Or is it of a more traditional height? These questions will help guide you to select the correct size and type of bedside lighting. The wrong size will be awkward to reach and an aesthetic disaster. Sometimes, you also need to think beyond the traditional bedside table lamp. In our clients’ bedroom above, style and function coexist with these hanging, bedside pendants. The pendants allowed us to keep the surfaces of the relatively small bedside tables clear for our clients’ personal items but they also created some visual interest in the room and worked perfectly with the low, mid-century modern bed.

Interior Design Packages - Remote Styling -Bedroom Inspiration

Add an area rug…

Even if your bedroom vibe is ultra minimalist, you still want it to be comfortable and feel luxurious. Adding a rug that is large enough to provide a border and a soft landing when you slip out of bed is the best way to do this. Plus, it visually grounds the space and makes the room feel complete. In this bedroom, we used an ivory silk rug that feels like a dream on your feet and looks incredibly opulent.

Interior Design Packages - Remote Styling -Bedroom Inspiration

Binge on bedding…

When making a bed, the goal is to create a look that tempts you to jump in and screams luxurious comfort. In addition to the pillows you actually lay your head on, mix in some additional plump, decorative pillows with texture or contrasting colour. Adding a throw across the end of the bed can also be a lovely touch. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Gone are the days of super matchy matchy all-white beds. Instead, have some fun! Even if you stick with one colour, you can still play with different shades, tones and textures within the colour family. On our clients’ bed above, we added pillows in two different shades of gray to create depth and warmth. The purple throw pillow is also more than just a fun accessory, it adds texture and ties in the drapery, while the Missoni throw brings in colour and serves as a nod to our client’s flare for fashion.

Benjamin Moore Blue bedroom

Invest in window treatments…

As you may have already noted, we feel that style and function is the name of the game when it comes to your bedroom and window treatments play a very important role in this. Though they can be rather costly, they are worth every penny. Window treatments add polish to a room and are also proven to promote deeper, high-quality sleep by blocking out undesirable light. As for the look and feel, there are countless options! In our clients’ bedroom above, we used a satin-finish textile with blackout backing to create custom drapes that are luxe and incredibly chic with their decorative brass rod.

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Add a stunning light fixture…

Lastly, if your bedroom is still missing that certain je ne sais quoi, try adding a stunning light fixture that speaks to you. In this project, we hung this masculine, contemporary light fixture as the finishing touch. During the day, it serves as an eye-catching sculptural piece that is in keeping with the general aesthetic of the room while at night, it emits a soft glow that creates a warm ambience.