Home Decor for the Bridgerton Fan



If you’re among the countless viewers who have fallen in love with the steamy Netflix hit Bridgerton, you’re not alone. As intriguing as it is to watch the high-society characters navigate the opulent world in which they live in search of love and happiness though, for us, our love affair with the show is far more aesthetic. We find ourselves swooning over the dreamy pastel hues of the costumes and set, the abundant floral arrangements and over-the-top gilded pieces that are the epitome of the Regency Era style.

As Bridgerton die-hards will already know, the show is partially filmed on set but also on locations. This season’s sites included iconic British buildings and locales such as; Hampton Court Palace, Wilton House, Windsor Great Park, and Syon Park. Regardless of the location of any given scene though, there is a heavy emphasis on the Regency decoration throughout.

Regency style dates back to the Regency era in the UK, which occurred during the early 19th century during the reign of George IV as Prince Regent. That said, this style doesn’t stand on its own as it is heavily influenced by various styles that came before. With Regency style, the exteriors of buildings are clean but grand and symmetrical, often featuring columns and decorative ironwork. Inside of these homes you would find rich woods, carved details, gold accents and luxurious patterned textiles. It’s an extremely rich and opulent look that isn’t typical of homes today. That said, if you’re obsessed with the Bridgerton vibe, there are ways you can bring a little Regency into your space without making your home look like the next studio set for season 3!

Chinoiserie Details

In a previous post, we’ve talked about the ways in which you can incorporate Chinoiserie into your home. In the Regency Era, Chinoiserie became ever more popular and was common in most homes. Most of us don’t live in century homes but this is certainly one element we can take from the past and weave in with some of our more contemporary pieces, much like Gwyneth Paltrow has done in her home. Things like throw pillows, decorative Chinoiserie china pieces and framed artwork, as seen below, can easily be incorporated into many decor schemes. 

Opulent Lighting

Lighting is another element that plays a huge role in this style and typically takes the form of sparkling crystal chandeliers, which can be incredibly fun to mix and contrast with styles of today. Alternatively, gilded botanical fixtures can work well. Or, for a more liberal interpretation of the style, feathered light fixtures inspired by extravagant headdresses and fans donned by various characters throughout the show can be a great alternative too.

Ornate Mirrors

To reflect the sparkly light from the chandeliers in order to create that dreamy Bridgerton aura, mirrors are a must and one of the easiest ways to bring a little regency into your home. Whether it’s ornate, gilded, carved mirrors or some of the more colourful renditions like the ones shown below, there are so many spaces in which these pieces could work. Think nurseries, powder rooms, bedrooms and the like. Even a super-modern entryway can sometimes benefit from a mirror with a bit of Regency flair. 

Small Decorative Details

If some of these items just aren’t for you though, decorative objects are always a simple and low-commitment way to jump into this look. Try updating your powder room with a wastebasket and tissues box cover, embellished with brass handles, for example. But when it doubt, we always turn to flowers and as viewers will know, there are A LOT of fabulous florals decorating every angle of the Bridgerton set. Find some decorative vases that are a step up from your florist’s basic glass ones and arrange a textural selection of seasonal blooms in blush and pastel hues. This is a very lavish and frilly style so when arranging we say you might as well go for it and not skimp on additional decorative greenery and flowers of different textures to get a multi-dimensional look worthy of a sitting upon a Lady’s wig. 

Other Bridgerton-Inspired Decorative Ideas