Holiday Wreaths for Design Lovers



For some, decorating for the holidays can seem like a rather daunting task but despite the over-the-top example that department stores tend to set, we’ve come to realize that often, less is more. In most cases, a wreath, be it on your front door or somewhere inside your home is an excellent first step and can inform all your other seasonal decor decisions as you move through the process. Not only is a wreath a simple item to put up and take down but it can also be a nice alternative to the tree if you spend Christmas elsewhere or if you don’t celebrate Christmas at all! What was once an evergreen ornament full of Christian symbolism, the wreath now comes in many different forms and serves as a pretty and non-religious way of decorating your home in the winter time! Here are some favourites from our preferred vendors at the moment…

At CB2 we found this fresh take on the evergreen wreath. Not only are the olive-toned feathers fun but they also add a wonderful, soft texture to the room. In this rich green hue, this wreath is also a welcome alternative to the more typical Christmas Elf green, which is often difficult to incorporate into one’s home decor scheme. We would love to see this wreath mounted above the fireplace in a living room for a super luxe finish or, alternatively, lay it flat on the dining table with a simple flower arrangement or festive vertical sculptures in the middle for a chic centrepiece.

Pampas has become an incredibly popular decorative touch for floral arrangements, outdoor urns and yes, wreaths. Although they are often marketed as a “boho wreath” we find that the term boho sells these pieces short! Pampas can be found in the homes of some of the chicest women in the fashion world and styled in ways that are far from cliche. Take a look at your favourite French girl’s Parisian appartement or one of Athena Calderone’s homes, you’re bound to see examples of these gorgeous grasses. The one featured above is from Crate & Barrel but before you write it off as being more fall than festive, remember, it’s all about how you style it! These wreaths, due to their dried or artificial nature, are truly year-round. It simply depends on context and the accessories around it to make it appropriate for the given season. 

For something simple, that doesn’t shed needles, and can be displayed both outdoors and in, we love magnolia leaves. Although you don’t see magnolia trees green and in bloom until spring, there are many incredible real-touch faux options for this time of year. The one above from Pottery Barn is incredibly simple but lovely with the delicate touches of gold and copper. What makes this wreath particularly wonderful though is that it’s pre-lit with a subtle string of battery-operated LED lights to create a warm glow to welcome your friends and family. 

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