Find a Coffee Table You Will Completely Adore


The name and origins of the coffee table are up for debate. Some say that it was invented by a man by the name F. Stuart Foote who, in an effort to please his wife, trimmed the legs of a dining table to serve as the centerpiece for an upcoming party. Others go further back in history and claim that it was the Ottomans who first lounged around a coffee table smoking hookahs and drinking tea. Whatever the case may be, if you think about all the furniture in your living room and possibly your entire home, your coffee table is likely the most used and multifunctional item of furniture. Beyond its traditional use as a place to rest one’s coffee, cocktails and yes, coffee-table books, it’s often a place to rest various other things. Ours are adorned with various decorative trinkets, trays and candles and, if we’re being perfectly honest, they’re often a place to rest our feet and dinner plates too. Whether you realize it or not, like us, you probably have a very intimate relationship with your coffee table that is unique to your particular needs and lifestyle. This is all to say that the coffee table is an incredibly important piece of furniture so it’s well worth the extra effort to find one that you will completely adore! In this post, we’d like to take you through three recent living room projects, to illustrate some of the options that are available…

A Round Coffee Table

Round coffee tables come in all kinds of materials and diameters and are a great way to add visual interest to a room. This particularly striking coffee table was a strategic choice. Apart from resembling an impossibly chic steel-drum instrument, this client fell in love with the table’s reflective properties. Placed in front of the fireplace, with the lights dimmed in the evening, the table gleams and casts a beautiful glow as the light from the flames bounces off of the surface. Practically speaking, the coffee table is an appropriate height and circumference in relation to the dimension of the sofas. 

The Tufted Ottoman

The tufted ottoman (not to be confused with the aforementioned people of the Ottoman empire) is a hybrid of a traditional coffee table and, obviously, an ottoman. With cushioning on top that is soft but supportive, they are incredibly multifunctional! In our clients’ living room above, the goal was to create a space that was chic but still comfortable and relaxed. The large, leather and gold-toned ottoman shown above played a huge role in creating the right atmosphere. Finding this piece was key to achieving style, comfort and functionality in one shot.

Multiple Coffee Tables

Sometimes one just isn’t enough! For this particular living room project, we wanted to bring in some wood elements and darker tones to create some contrast and drama. We thought that a wooden coffee table would ground the otherwise soft and airy space but more traditional options just felt too clunky and masculine. So instead, we opted for two smaller tables to achieve a desirable multi-level effect. Even though the tables are of heavy wood and painted black, they aren’t overpowering. Their feminine shape and the spacing between them creates a look that is light enough for the room but solid enough to pull everything together.