Fashion Brands with Home Lines We Love



In a previous post, we discussed the constant crossover that occurs between the world of interiors and that of fashion. Season after season we see this cross pollination happening, which results in interiors that reflect the of-the-moment pieces in our wardrobes and vice versa! As such, it’s no surprise really that the visually-minded designers behind some of the most well known, high-end fashion brands, as well as those who design for some of the most popular fast-fashion brands have expanded their collections to include pieces for the home. From cheap and cheerful options to dazzling designer investments, here are some of our favourite fashion brands with home lines we love…

Zara Home 

For years now we’ve turned to Zara to complete our wardrobe with those trendy pieces you have to have but just can’t bring yourself to spring for the real thing. They have perfected the art of offering clothing that is directly inspired by something you’ve seen on the runway as well as items that look like they ought to be. Their home collection is very much much the same. Although their home pieces are not the creme de la creme as far as craftsmanship goes, they are nonetheless very aesthetically pleasing and have the look of something you saw in your favourite fashion blogger’s home (but likely for a fraction of the cost). We tend to gravitate to them for smaller or occasional items; glassware for a specific type of cocktail, an occasional chair that you place in the corner to toss your dress on after a party, a side table for resting your cafe au lait, statement table lamps for your guest room that rarely sees a guest and the like.


A little higher up on the quality and price ladder, you will find Anthrolopologie’s home collection. As wonderful as this collection is, it’s one of those “you have to see it” situations as it’s hard to describe. Anthro home is an incredibly eclectic assortment of furniture, accessories, bedding art and beyond in a wide selection of styles that range from old-lady chic florals to mediterranean-inspired prints and with a lot of art-deco velvet in between. Truth be told, Anthropologie is one of those stores we actually hardly ever set foot in for clothing but the home collection? It just works.


Hermès has a long and rich history dating back to 1837 but one could argue that it was 1984 that really brought about the brand’s modern-day mystique. In the early 80s, a happy accident occurred when Jane Birkin spilled the contents of her bag while seated next to the former Hermès Chief Executive Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight. From this exchange, the Birkin bag was born in ‘84 and it subsequently became the quintessential accessory, status symbol and, arguably, solidified the brand’s future for good. The tragic reality though is that even amongst those who have the disposable income for a Birkin, very few can actually get their mits one. So instead, Hermès has countless other lovely little luxuries to choose from, including a home collection. To be more precise, it’s actually their “Home, Outdoor & Equestrian” collection because who could ever resist?! There are opulent ashtrays guaranteed to refine any coffee or end table, vibrant and whimsical dishware, luxurious furnishings, intricate wallcoverings and more. Like the Birkin, these pieces definitely fall in the category of “investment pieces” to put it diplomatically but they are truly stunning and covet worthy.


If you’ve walked through the Gucci section in a cosmetic department or found yourself in their boutiques, you’ve undoubtedly marvelled at the lemon-yellow cabinetry, the jacquard and tasseled furnishings and whimsically embroidered accessories. Though most stroll into a Gucci boutique with dreams of GG Marmonts, there are actually many more items on the menu than one might think. The slipper chair you perch yourself on as you slip into a pair of horsebit loafers is actually for sale too! Not only can you bring Gucci home in the form of furniture but there’s also tableware, textiles, wallpaper and countless accessories to choose from. Though definitely a splurge, one of these maximalist pieces could be just the ticket for adding some luxurious polish to your space.