Design News: Kelly Wearstler Teams up with Farrow & Ball

KW & Farrow and Ball


When we heard that interior designer, Kelly Wearstler, was teaming up with Farrow & Ball for a California-inspired paint collection, we were beyond excited. If you’ve been keeping up with our latest posts, you’ll know that we are huge HUGE KW fans (and that we fantasize about vacationing in her Malibu home). As for Farrow & Ball, they are one of our go-to sources for both paint and wallpaper. Their quality and selection is unparalleled, in our humble POV!

Kelly Wearstler is known for pushing boundaries with her design by pairing bold colours with unexpected textures and patterns. Though her inspiration undoubtedly comes from a variety of sources, her designs always incorporate a nod to the past and an appreciation for nature. This stunning paint collection is no exception. In Farrow & Ball’s short film about the collection, KW explains that California is all about the sun and the way colours look under it. She wanted to bring the outdoors inside and indeed these paint colours are a reflection of that. The result is a palette of eight hues that are refined yet relaxed and although we would love to wax on about all of them, we’ll spare you! Instead, here are our four favourite colours from the collection that we absolutely cannot wait to use in someone’s home… will it be yours?! (Photos courtesy of Farrow & Ball x Kelly Wearstler)


Remember our post about unexpected paint colours for your home? This paint, entitled ‘Citrona,’ definitely falls into that category. Utterly surprising and yet absolutely stunning, this modern take on chartreuse was designed to be reminiscent of the lemon trees that thrive in California’s climate. Here, it is pictured in a gorgeous living room but if you can’t commit to that much Citrona, this would be a wonderful pop of colour in a powder room. When you see this colour, you just can’t help but smile!


For those who love houseplants, ‘Palm’ might be the paint colour for you. As the name suggests, this fresh green is designed to be a nod to the palm trees that decorate the LA horizon but it’s desaturated, as if you’re squinting at them under the glorious California sun! We would love to see this paint in a master bath or in an entryway with a potted Parlour Palm layered in front, casting beautiful shadows on the walls. 


Both soft and warm, you can almost feel the California sun on your face when looking at this paint entitled ‘Faded Terracotta’. Inspired by sun-baked terracotta pots, this paint is simply delicious. Surprisingly neutral, this paint would work well in a number of rooms and with a  variety of styles; a contemporary dining room with mid-century modern pieces, a sultry art-deco bedroom, or perhaps a living room with sand-coloured boucle swivel chairs? The options are truly endless.


White is white, right? WRONG! As we’ve mentioned before in our posts about paints, if you’re going to go with white, do it right. There is such a broad range of white paints available that you really must do your homework. We suggest picking a few that appeal to you and painting some test patches on the walls. Live with them for a few days and compare them at different times, as the sun moves through your home throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how different they can be! This is all a roundabout way of saying that THIS white paint, entitled ‘Salt,’ would be fabulous in the right space and will definitely be included in our next round of test patches! It’s crisp and makes us think of the salt that’s left on our skin after a dip in the Ocean… what could be better?!