Before & After: An Under-the-Sea Dream



Whenever we have the opportunity to create a nursery for parents or parents-to-be, we await our clients’ initial thoughts and visions with bated breath, as there is truly now way of knowing what they might suggest! The nursery, unlike any other room in the home, seems to be somewhat immune to trends and outside influence. Instead, these spaces are often where a parent’s innermost fantastical dreams come true. To use our most recent client as an example, they pictured a magical under-the-sea dream for their little one, complete with dreamy ocean-blue hues and aquatic creatures. It wasn’t until we saw photos of the proposed space (which had previously served as a guest room meets home office) that we realized just how wonderfully vivid their imagination must be. We simply couldn’t wait to get started!

With a modest 135 square feet to work with, we had to make smart choices with how we used the space. It was decided that the back wall next to the window would be the ideal location for the crib and an accent wall. Opposite the window, was the perfect place to put the changing table, as it would be far from any unwanted draft but also give baby a view of the window. For feeding and bedtime stories, a cozy nook was to be created in the corner.

To really reinforce our client’s theme, we started by finding the perfect wallpaper from Anewall, depicting frothy ocean waves. In front, we placed a crib that felt undeniably beach-y, which also happened to be ideal for hanging an under-the-sea mobile. To store toys and display a faux fiddle leaf fig tree, we added a few raffia baskets, which had the added benefit of bringing seaside texture to the space. For a similar look, a faux Monstera plant, like the one shown below, could be a great child-safe alternative for a nursery. 

Complementing the crib, a clean and simple changing table was added and brought to life with a mirror hanging above. The bubbly, three dimensional nature of this piece is a subtle but adorable nod to the bubbling sea. As an alternative though, we could also see the “cloud” accent mirror below working incredibly well.

For colour and an artisanal element in the reading and feeding nook, we installed a dip-died piece of wall decor, which can be purchased below. Then, to introduce an additional hue to the space, we embellished the rocking chair with a touch of orange. To frame the windows and add a decorative element beyond the functional blackout blind, a set of pom pom-adorned drapes were installed.

To finish things off and really tie everything together, a textured area rug brought depth but also much needed warmth and comfort, while the little details like a blue vase and a beautiful set of hardcover Beatrix Potter books completed the room and added the character we look for in a nursery. 

Need help with your dream nursery? Get in touch. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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