Before & After: A Master Bedroom Refresh

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Although master bedrooms have always been a high priority for many, COVID seems to have converted those who were previously on the fence. Perhaps it’s the fact that since the advent of COVID-style living, checking oneself into a high-end hotel suite hasn’t been as simple as it once was! As a result, we’re chatting with more and more clients looking to transform their humble master bedrooms into luxurious boudoirs worthy of five stars. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a client whose bedroom was already luxurious in its ample size but was in need of a refresh. For projects like this, where the fundamentals are already in place and the client is generally happy with the layout, a little can go a long way to create a huge impact. With a few new pieces, some luxe fabrics and a little paint, we were able to take this master bedroom from perfectly pleasant to an elegantly chic space worthy of the “Royal Suite” title at your favourite hotel! Here’s the before & after…

To state the obvious, the bed is the most important part of a BEDroom so that’s typically where we begin. Like our client, we loved her quilted bed linens against the cream coloured bed frame and agreed that those, along with the artfully curated gallery wall and fabulous side tables should stay. So instead, we made the decision to brighten up the overall ambience of the space around the bed by selecting a new paint colour for the walls. Taking cues from the bed linens, we opted for Benjamin Moore’s ‘Pale Oak.’ The slight shift in colour immediately had a huge impact on the space. Moving away from the original off-white with it’s yellow undertone to a fresh neutral that borders on gray, instantly made the room feel up-to-date but also incredibly elegant. To tie the new ambience into the bed itself, we added in a few throw pillows featuring beautiful blues and tonal grays.

Although window treatments are not a focal point in any given room, they tend to elevate a space by adding a  level of polish. Beyond aesthetics though, window treatments are also an incredibly functional feature when it comes to your bedroom and getting good-quality rest. Although our client’s original drapery was custom and of excellent quality, they felt dated and heavy with the valance at the top. Not to mention, not everyone has beautiful french doors in their bedroom, so why not make the most of them by framing them with a stunning window treatment? For a look that was lighter and brighter, we selected a Kashmir silk from Thread Count to create ripple fold drapes on a decorative brushed-chrome rod. Behind the blackout drapery, we added in sheers to let in some natural light while providing the option of privacy during the day.

Having the extra room for a chaise and slipper chair is a true luxury that allows you to enjoy time spent in a bedroom in more ways than one. For that reason, we didn’t want to replace these pieces but rather make them all the more sumptuous and inviting for lazy Sundays of PJs, books and café au lait. To do so, we returned to Thread Count for their Delano Mohair in a dusty blue hue and had the seating reupholstered. Beneath the seating, we updated our client’s area rug with a custom-cut rug from Stark. Featuring similar tones, this feline-print area rug ties things together but also helps to further define the seating area and add texture and dimension. 

In the corner of the room, our client had a mirrored desk. Not wanting to remove the lovely reflective piece, we simply gave it a new look by rearranging some furniture. By swapping out the bench for a wood-backed chair that was used elsewhere in the room, not only were we able to improve the flow of the space but also, the adjustment created a wonderful tension of materials. The chair, paired with the mirrored desk, is unexpected but the friction it creates just works. 

Smitten with a decorative sunbeam flush mount fixture already installed in the centre of the ceiling, we looked to it for inspiration. With the help of our contacts at Currey & Company, we were able to source a tropical floor lamp… a subtle nod to the flush mount with its brass, vintage vibe and a lovely complement to the picture frame. Functionally speaking, the fixtures provides adequate light to perform various tasks at the desk but also, it bathes the room in the most glorious glow that feels incredibly warm and intimate in the evening.