Back to School: Designing a Homework Space for Your Child

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When it comes to designing a space for children versus babies and newborns, the approach is actually quite different. While nurseries are a reflection of a parent’s tastes and wishes for their baby, a toddler or kid’s room has to incorporate some of the child’s, now-established, likes and interests. If your child is of the age that they are starting to come home with homework, this distinction is ever more important. While many parents have their children do their homework at the kitchen or dining table, it may also make sense to carve out a quiet space to accomplish their tasks that is 100% their own. Whether this area is in their bedroom or elsewhere in your home, a thoughtfully designed homework space is a great way to help your children, focus, learn and develop. Here are a few design tips to keep in mind…

Address Storage First

One of the biggest issues we run into for both adult office spaces and children’s homework nooks is clutter! The best way to handle this is to think about what your child is going to reach for most and needs regularly (pens, pencils, erasers and the like) versus things that they may need to keep but won’t necessarily use daily (previous assignments and tests, arts and crafts supplies etc.) For the items that get used on the regular, we suggest a few desk accessories (pen holders and such) or wall-hanging storage directly in front of them. Homework trolleys are another great way to store necessary items. We like to place the most- used items on top and file away everything else below. Alternatively, there are a number of organizational companies that offer wonderful child-friendly storage and organizational solutions such as Neat Sisters Co.

Find Comfortable & Appropriate seating & Surfaces

Once the issue of storage and organization has been dealt with, it’s time to find seating and a work surface. We have access to numerous companies that offer a wide selection of child-size chairs and desks that are practical and comfortable. It’s important to foster good poster and work habits from an early age so selecting these pieces with care is worthwhile.

Add in Sufficient Lighting

Although the room likely already has ceiling or wall lighting, we always recommend an additional source of light in the form of a desk lamp. A desk lamp is essential to avoid eye strain but also, with so many whimsical fixtures available, it’s a great opportunity to inject a little fun and personality into the space. 

Make it Fun

Although a homework space is meant to instil a good work ethic, it doesn’t need to be overly serious. At the end of the day, they are kids and you don’t want the area to be a space they associate with stress and misery! Instead, try to incorporate their likes and interests into the design so that it’s a space they enjoy spending time in. Try hanging a magnetic or cork board so they can display work that they are proud of or present options for some of the pieces so that they can feel a part of the design process.

For the little girl’s room above, her favourite colours and animal were incorporated into the design. We even went as far as to take a generic desk and customize it with specific paint colours and silver leaf to make it truly her own and one of a kind. For more on this transformation, read the post! 

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