An Ode to Mother’s Everywhere: Children’s Rooms & Nurseries

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With Mother’s Day swiftly approaching, we have moms & mothers-to-be on the brain, as they happen to be some of our favourite clients to work with. We love a nursery or children’s room project in particular, as there is a certain magic and merging of worlds that happens when decorating these spaces. It’s often the one room in the home where the client can inject their cultivated, personal aesthetic, while simultaneously getting in touch with their more playful and creative side. A nursery or children’s room can be elevated and sophisticated but you can also afford to take some risks. Whether it’s choosing a whimsical light fixture, opting for a bold wallpaper, or going with a vibrant rug, you don’t have to lose sleep over these decisions. These rooms are meant to be fun and stimulating for your child but they are also temporary and not the central focal point of your home. We think of nurseries and children’s rooms as private oases for that time in a parent and child’s life that is fun and magical but also (sadly) short lived.

With that said, here are some of our favourite nursery and children’s room projects of late. All these rooms highlight some of those aforementioned “risks” and are beautiful examples of a balance of the parents’ sophisticated (adult) aesthetic and that of their inner child…

Where else in your home can you justify pasting a giant rainbow on the wall?! With chic floral bedding and voluminous, dreamy drapes, this space is a prime example of a room that is fun enough for a child but also luxurious enough for an adult.

Who wouldn’t want to be transported to Paris everyday? This little lady’s wallpapered nook inspires creativity and cultivates a love for travel in both her and her parents.

Calm and serene in its cream and grey tones, this nursery is incredibly elevated and sophisticated at first glance… but look up! With wallpapered clouds overhead and animal friends blowing bubbles all around, this nursery still has that touch of whimsy we strive for.

This client wanted to maintain the modern aesthetic throughout her home but felt it was important for her son’s nursery to still feel fun and friendly. Hunt Slonem’s ‘Hutch’ wallpaper was the perfect starting point for creating this balance! From there we added a vibrant rug, a bold crib and changing table, plus graphic pillows and bedding.

If you haven’t already caught on… we’re big animal lovers at Homekin! From our real-life furry friends to (in this example) elegant, ceramic safari creatures, we love it all. These animal wall fixtures were a subtle but effective way of creating a friendly atmosphere in this nursery, while a table lamp adorned with artful doodles brings a bit of playfulness to the space.

Navy blue walls, a green, custom headboard, and red and white polka-dot bedding? This is what children’s room dreams are made of! Though you wouldn’t necessarily make these choices for your own boudoir, it works incredibly well for this little boy’s room. The look is sufficiently boy-ish but also incredibly polished – a win-win for the parents.