A Case for Wallpaper: Your Powder Room

brass hardware powder room


When we suggest wallpaper to clients, we are sometimes met with a look of fear. One can only assume that they are having flashbacks to the 80s in a distant relative’s home, complete with salmon-pink and seafoam-green wallpaper (and the wall-to-wall carpet to match)! Fear not! Wallpaper has come a long, long way and we can pretty much guarantee that we will find one for you that you will absolutely adore. 

Wallpapers can be used just about anywhere in your home. Whether it’s to create an accent wall in your master bedroom or to make a statement in your dining room, wallpaper is an amazing go-to for completely transforming a room (without having to do much else!)

If you are just dipping your toe into the sea of wallpaper for the first time however, you might find it a tad daunting and the selection can be somewhat overwhelming. For that reason, may we suggest you start small? The powder room is without a doubt our favourite room in a home to apply wallpaper. It makes such an impact and has the power to completely transform the space. In fact, some clients have found that wallpaper changed their powder rooms to such an extent, that their original vanities, hardware and light fixtures suddenly looked brand new.

To quote our client, this powder room was just, “completely blah” prior to wallpaper being installed. The previously plain, white walls did nothing for the imagination or the brushed-nickel fixtures. As the floor tiles are also white, the room felt very cold and uninviting. The moment Farrow & Ball’s ‘Tourbillon’ wallpaper went up, this powder room came to life! Suddenly the lighting felt warm and mysterious. Now, it’s the kind of powder room that tempts you to take a mirror selfie, after a spritz-y cocktail (or two).

What’s behind door #2?! This powder room is a delightful surprise when you open the door beneath the stairs. In an otherwise B&W space, we loved the idea of adding a shocking pop of colour in this powder room. This Spoonflower pink, skull-print wallpaper by Ben Goetting is sweet with an edge and only required a simple, minimalist sink and a few brass fixtures to complete the look.

Chances are you’ve seen a version of this before or perhaps, you’ve been lucky enough to see the OG, iconic wallpaper in the Beverly Hills Hotel. The original Martinique® banana leaf print was created by CW Stockwell and was installed in the hotel under the direction of decorator Don Loper back in 1949. Since then, it has become arguably one of the most recognizable wallpapers in the world. What can we say? It’s popular for a reason and we certainly haven’t tired of it. When you have a print like this in your powder room, you won’t need much else.

Take a walk on the wild side… but make it fashion! This Hermès wall covering from Theo Decor is a stunning example of flora and fauna wallpaper at its best. With a highly detailed wallpaper like this, you get a broad range of colours to play with, which allows for countless options for powder room finishes. This client chose to play on the stormy-blue colours in the paper by painting the crown moulding a deep blue of a similar tone, while the chocolate vanity and gold-toned hardware complement the paper beautifully and bring a little luxury.