7 Ways to Accessorize Your Powder Room



Although you may hardly ever set foot in your own powder room, the majority of the guests who come to call will! Though the powder room is not the most central part of a home, it is an important element and one that is often faced with harsh criticism. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it… you step away for a few quiet minutes to powder your nose and when you open the door, you’re met with a space that fills you with one of three emotions; delight, disgust or complete indifference. Naturally, disgust just isn’t even an option we wish to entertain. Indifference however, can easily be transformed into delight with a few chic additions. When the essential, powder room elements are already in place, sometimes it is simply a matter of carefully selecting a few stylish accessories to really tie things together. Here are seven of our favourite ways to accessorize a powder room…

1. A Luxe Hand Towel

A hand towel is one of those necessary elements in a powder room, so why not have some fun with it! Whether it’s a complementary colour, a fun print or just a gorgeous texture, the hand towel is a great opportunity to tie in colours found elsewhere in the space. In our clients’ powder room pictured above, we went with a vibrant hand towel by Missoni Home, which felt appropriate with the Beverly Hills hotel-inspired wallpaper.

2. Flowers or Greenery

Depending on how much counter space is available, we always like to add a little life when styling a powder room. This can be in the form of a small bouquet of flowers, in a complementary colour, displayed in a low vase. Or, alternatively, you could opt for a potted plant! If your preference is flowering plants, orchids tend to work well. For a more contemporary look, try a cactus or a succulent. For leafy, verdant, greenery, a Pothos plant is a great low-maintenance option.

3. High-End Hand Soaps & Lotions

Think about hotel bathrooms that have had you swooning… chances are, one of the things you loved about the overall experience was the otherworldly fragrance of their hand soap and how silky your hands felt after a pump of their hand lotion. With brands like Aesop, Byredo, and Diptyque, to name a few, it’s easy to create a luxury hotel experience for your guests.

4. Candles for Ambience

These days we are spoiled for choice when it comes to candles! From the chic and sculptural votives of Jonathan Adler’s candles to the modern luxury of candles by L’Objet, there are so many directions you can go in both fragrance and aesthetics. One thing they all have in common though, is that they are sure to improve the ambience of the space, particularly when lit in dim lighting during the evening.

5. A Little Light Reading

This suggestion depends entirely on whether or not you have the space, as some powder rooms can be quite tight. If you do have the room however, please don’t misunderstand. We are not suggesting that you stack a pile of dog-eared magazines next to your toilette! Rather, consider selecting a few stylish coffee table books that are of a colour and subject matter that makes sense in a powder room. Art, interiors, fashion and the like tend to make good choices. Remember, you’re choosing these books predominantly for their aesthetic qualities. Chances are, your guests will never look at them beyond glancing at the cover.

6. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A simple and effective way to update a powder room is to hang a really fabulous mirror. After all, isn’t that a big part of why anyone goes to the powder room? The act of touching-up one’s lipstick is all the more enjoyable when you see your reflection framed by something beautiful. We’re particularly fond of using mirrors framed with a warm gold at the moment. Not only are they very in vogue but they also cast a lovely (and incredibly flattering) glow when placed in a softly-lit space.

7. Light it Up (but softly)

By now you’re undoubtedly well aware of our obsession with finding the right light fixtures for all of our projects. In powder rooms, lighting is particularly important! No one goes to the powder room in hopes of seeing every pore on their face. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! The goal is to select lighting that will make the person in question think, “Damn, I look good!” If you have pot lights, please install a dimmer but preferably, wall sconces or flush mounts installed around the mirror will create the most desirable candle-like glow. Vanity aside, light fixtures are a great opportunity to add something eye-catching and sculptural, which can completely transform the space.