5 Ways to Celebrate Love in Your Home



Throughout the years, thanks to Hallmark and Rom Coms, we’ve been taught to believe that Valentine’s day is all about extravagant gestures in the form of chocolates, jewelry, long-stem roses and romantic dinners. Don’t get us wrong, we love all of those things… especially the chocolates and well, jewelry is nice too… BUT at the end of the day, to use a cliche, home is where the heart is! Your home is a safe space where you can be completely yourself, share intimate moments, laugh with friends and loved ones, make memories and grow. For some us, it’s where we said “YES!” to a significant other down on one knee, brought home a baby for the first time and celebrated countless milestones and achievements. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are 5 simple ways to celebrate and promote love in your home…

#1 Revamp Your Common Area

No man is an island! Even if you live alone, the family room is likely where you entertain guests and congregate with others. It’s where memories are made, drinks are poured and snacks are shared, while watching movies, playing games or simply enjoying each other’s company in silence. This is where everyone deserves to have the opportunity to feel safe, happy and loved and for that exact reason, the family room is high on the totem pole of design priorities for us. So with that said, it’s worthwhile to show the common areas in your home some love in as small or big a gesture as you choose! Sometimes the simple addition of a new coffee table book and cozy throws and pillows will do the trick. Other times, new furniture, a fresh coat of paint or a stunning piece of art may be called for. Think about what makes you and your loved ones happy and we can help make that idea a reality in your space!

#2 Consider Your Kitchen

Glam Transitional Kitchen Interior Design

Another cliche saying is that the kitchen is the heart of the home and anyone who loves to entertain, will know this to be true. Everyone always ends up in the kitchen! So take a moment to evaluate how you use yours. Are you a modern-day Martha who is always baking or cooking up a storm? Or are you more of a perched-on-a-counter-stool, while sipping vino with friends kind of person? The way in which you use your kitchen can help inform your design choices in order to make it the best it can be for all! Let us help you choose the perfect pendants to float over your island or select a few pieces of decor like the ones below to breathe new life into the space. Regardless of what your kitchen love language is, we’re here to help.

#3 Carve Out a Space for Some Self Care

More often than not, Valentine’s day seems to be about either receiving gifts from a special someone or doting on others… but whatever happened to self-love in the form of self-care?! Try celebrating YOU this Valentine’s day by thinking about how you can improve your home for your own personal happiness and wellness. Over the years we’ve helped clients create cozy reading nooks, tranquil yoga and meditation studios, dreamy walk-in closets and more. Sometimes our clients just want to bring more joy and happiness into their work life by creating a space that inspires them, like our office project shown here. The possibilities are truly endless and we are always up for a first-time challenge. 

#4 Bring Home Something that Makes You Happy

Although money can’t buy you love and happiness in a deep and eternal kinda way, there is still nothing wrong with shelling out on a little something that brings you joy. This doesn’t have to be a big-ticket purchase but rather it can be something as simple as buying yourself a bunch of fresh-cut flowers, bringing home a beautiful set of dessert plates so you can enjoy your Valentine’s cupcakes in style, spritzing your home with a new fragrance, or changing the energy of your space with some crystals. Sometimes, the small gestures we make for ourselves can make all the difference!

#5 Shop Your Home

Furniture Shop Product Home

Alternatively, #5 is a far more frugal approach to celebrating love in your home but it can be nonetheless incredibly effective! Try shopping your own home by going through rooms and examining the smaller pieces of decor and furniture you own. Evaluate them by thinking about whether they are living their best life in their current position. By simply swapping a few items, rearranging and restyling, you can give your home a new look and yourself a fresh perspective! Sound like an impossibly daunting task? That’s what we’re here for! Try our styling package to get you started.