5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Chic & Seasonal: The Spring Edit

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With the changing of the seasons, we get an itch to transition into more appropriate wardrobe choices. As the magnolia trees start to bloom, we begin the process of shedding our ethically-chic faux furs in favour of blazers & jean jackets. The same ought to be true of our homes. After all, you don’t want to be that house on your street donning a Christmas wreath in the middle of May! But keeping your home chic and seasonal goes beyond taking the holiday decor down on time. There are countless ways to make this transition season to season but for now, here are 5 simple ways to be ready for Spring…

#1 Flowers

Ok so this suggestion may seem rather obvious… a Devil Wears Prada quote comes to mind, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” BUT they really are oh so important plus, an incredibly easy and relatively inexpensive way to get your home ready for Spring. If you have urns by your front door, let’s start there (If you don’t, why not?!) Hopefully by now you’ve ditched the birch tree branches, pine cones & red bows. Now is the time for tulips, pansies, daffodils, pussy willows, forsythia branches and the like. 

For indoors, the same flowers can be used in the right pot or opt for cut flowers in a vase. We love a good bunch of ranunculus in delicious sorbet pinks for a pop of colour or large, cut branches of Magnolia for some Spring-y drama.

#2 Pillows & Throws

The larger items in your home tend to be steadfast. Though more permanent pieces in your home, couches and armchairs are the easiest to transition season to season.  Just by changing a few pillows and throws, these pieces can look completely new. For Spring, you can opt for softer-hued pillows in dusty pinks, powdery blues, pussy-willow greys made of velvet or Thai silk. If you’re looking for a bit more impact, flower-patterned pillows are a great way to create a fresh, Spring feel in any room. The great thing about this? You can use the same inserts and just swap and store the pillow cases. 

As for your throws, put away the faux furs and heavy knits for now and bring out lighter cashmere, alpaca and silk-blend knits. A throw is a great opportunity to either bring in some colour or you can stick with misty greys and luxurious creams and focus on texture instead.

brass hardware powder room

#3 Fragrance & Candles

Think about your favourite boutique… what comes to mind when you envision the shopping experience? Chances are the experience goes beyond the merchandise. Our favourite memories often have a fragrance attached so why not create the same experience in your home? What scents do you associate with Spring? A Jo Malone diffuser of Wild Bluebell might be the answer or try Byredo’s Fleur Fantome candle for the added ambience of a live flame.

#4 Bed & Bath

Chances are, you already have multiple sets of bed linens and bathroom towels so why not try making one of those sets Spring themed? Think of the aforementioned pillows and throws…the same rules apply; soft hues, florals and lighter-weight textiles. You’ll be amazed at what a fresh, powder-colour pillow sham can do for your bed or an embroidered, pastel guest towel can do for your powder room!

#5 Tableware 

Whether you prefer tablecloths or placemats, fabric or cloth napkins, there are SO many opportunities to bring Spring to the table! Candles and candlesticks, napkin rings, chargers, glassware and even your china, are all great ways to make your table feel seasonal. But don’t worry! You don’t need to have a Spring set of everything! Pick one or two of these items… that might be all you need to make a difference!