4 Ways to Incorporate Your Doors into Your Decor



When decorating your home, it’s perfectly normal for your initial thoughts to revolve around things like the colour of the walls, various pieces of furniture, area rugs and accessories. While all these things are certainly of importance and perhaps should always be at the forefront of the design process, your doors, as a result, tend to be neglected. Whether it’s the inside of your front door, interior doors, or the doors of built-in units, they are an incredible design opportunity that is often overlooked but has the potential to tie everything together. In some cases, your doors might be the only minor tweak that you make in the entire space! To understand what we’re getting at, here are a few examples of how you can incorporate your doors into your decor…

Wallpapered Doors

What’s more enticing than a hidden door?! Sometimes, it’s not a question of making the door a feature at all but rather having it seamlessly blend in. Wallpaper can be a great way to do this for a more traditional look that is typical of century homes.

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

Swap New for Old 

For spaces that are contemporary, sometimes a little friction and contrast is needed to really create an impact. Adding in pieces that are antique or of a more rustic aesthetic is an effective way of achieving the right juxtaposition. To do this, furniture and accessories are of course always an option but sometimes using an antique door in an unexpected place can be a great alternative. Sliding doors in particular are a great opportunity to replace traditional white or plexi with barn doors, reclaimed wood doors, or whatever you come across in your shopping adventures.

Painted Doors

Painting doors in a contrasting colour other than white is not a novel concept but it is none-the-less a tried and true method for adding some visual interest in a space. The beautiful thing about a painted door is that the range and possibilities are great. For the adventurous, high-contrast, brightly hued doors can work incredibly well in the right context. For a more subtly impactful look, you can opt for a door colour that is tonal but different enough to stand out and look sharp. 

Update Doors with Hardware

Sometimes updating your doors to incorporate them into your scheme won’t involve a paint brush or new door at all! In our experience, the easiest and often most cost-effective way of making any door or cabinet look new is to update the hardware. This might mean going from a polished finish to brushed or from round knob to rectangular. Whatever your preference may be, there is a vast selection of hardware available both in store and online. We love working with clients to find the right look. As demonstrated above, it’s truly amazing how new hardware can make even the most typical white door look fresh.