4 Unexpected Paint Colours for Your Home

Farrow & Ball wallpaper and paint powder room


When it comes to paint colour, it’s easy to default to various shades of white… and listen, we truly and completely understand! White is a safe bet that is unobtrusive, non-threatening and doesn’t offend anyone, when it comes to re-sale. All that said, most of the time, white paints are not given the careful thought and attention they deserve. From warm whites to bright whites and everything in between, there is a lot of room for error and frankly, it isn’t always the best choice in the first place. The wonderful world of paint is vast and sometimes overwhelming but that’s what we are here for! Think of us as your spirit guides and allow us to introduce you to 4 fabulous paint colours we used on recent projects, which are bound to make you reconsider your white walls…

Sulking Room Pink

#1 Think Pink

The suggestion of a pink bedroom tends to conjure visions of a baby-pink nursery. It is often thought of as a rather juvenile or a sometimes dated colour but in reality, pink is far more complex than that. For this client, we wanted to evoke the feeling of a classic, Parisian boudoir and what better colour to do that with than a paint called ‘Sulking Room Pink’? This beautiful, muted-rose paint by Farrow & Ball has incredible depth and richness, making the otherwise white room feel sophisticated and inviting plus, it contrasts beautifully with the deep-aqua drapery.

#2 A Hint of Mint

Mint is definitely not a go-to colour that anyone naturally gravitates towards and yet, it looks incredibly chic in this gorgeous bathroom. Floating just about the ‘Wisteria’ wallpaper by Farrow & Ball, ‘Teresa’s Green’ paint (also by Farrow & Ball) elongates the wall and has the effect of making the ceiling feel higher than it actually is. This calm and serene bathroom invites you to spend time soaking in a tub of eucalyptus-infused bath oils and dares anyone to suggest that a white paint would have been a superior choice. 

Benjamin Moore Blue bedroom

#3 A Bit of Blue

Similar to their preconceived notions about pink paint, many clients have it in their mind that blue is reserved for the rooms of little boys. Though it certainly does work in that context, we feel the colour has so much more to offer. ‘Harbour Haze’ by Benjamin Moore is a cool and impossibly beautiful shade of blue. Paired with Missoni fabric-lined custom cabinetry in Benjamin Moore’s Province Blue, a brass accent in the form of a decorative curtain rod, and an area rug in soft lilac, this room feels anything but masculine or juvenile. Lounging on the bed, with a stunning Murano-inspired light fixture overhead, you almost feel as if you’re drifting off in a luxurious hotel room with a view of the Mediterranean.

Fashion Pink bathroom

#4 Just Peachy

Similar to kitchens, bathrooms are one of those rooms where we find many clients are particularly wary of adding in a bit of colour. Cabinetry can be rather costly, as are tiles and bathroom fixtures, so we completely understand the hesitation to stray from neutral tones, as you typically have to live with them for a while. The walls around them however, shouldn’t be painted with the same brush (pun intended). Relatively speaking, painting isn’t terribly time consuming or costly, nor is it permanent. So why not have some fun with it? This bathroom was already beautiful in its simplicity but we felt that something was missing. Instead of going for the typical hanging light fixture over the bath, we turned to Benjamin Moore for a shock of colour that would create a focal point, make a statement and be easy on the eyes for our client soaking in her tub. In its peachy-pink tones, ‘Fashion Pink’ is a confectionary-coloured dream of a paint that completely transformed this master bath.