4 Haute Houseplants for Your Home

living room


In a previous post, we extolled the virtues of having fresh-cut flowers in one’s home and though we still stand by those beliefs, we recognize that not everyone cares to frequent the flower market or shell out for flower subscriptions. As an alternative, having a little verdant greenery here and there can make any room in your home look incredibly striking. Houseplants do a wonderful job of bringing the outdoors inside and visually lift your surroundings, not to mention your spirits. Known to reduce stress levels and proven to filter indoor air pollutants, houseplants serve as wonderful “accessories” for your home that do so much more than simply sitting pretty! 

Having used houseplants as finishing touches in several of our recent projects, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Layering your plants with other textures and patterns in a given room adds depth, anchors your furniture and can soften a graphic rug. Beyond the plant itself, there is a lot of fun to be had with the planters they live in. From woven baskets to terracotta pots, there are plenty to choose from! We recommend sticking to similar textures and tones to those in your furniture to follow through with the overall aesthetic of  your home. Lastly, when it comes to choosing the plant itself, be honest with yourself! Do you have a green thumb? Or would it be best to choose a plant that falls into the “indestructible” category? No matter how pretty your planter might be, it won’t do a thing for your home if the plant within it is dead! 

So without further ado, here are four of our favourite haute houseplants at the moment…

pothos plant

The Pothos Plant

Also known as “devil’s ivy,” the Pothos is a tropical vine that is native to French Polynesia and yet, it grows with ease in any home, anywhere. If your green thumb is a work in progress, this is the plant for you, as it is virtually indestructible. Despite the fact that the Pothos is incredibly low maintenance, its trailing vines can create a high impact. If you allow your Pothos to dramatically drape down from a higher shelf or mantlepiece, it creates a desirable statement in the room with a “Rapunzel effect”. For some clients, we’ve planted Pothos in macrame hanging baskets in corners or “dead spaces” for a retro-chic look.

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The Fiddlehead Fig Tree

Though you may not know it by name, we can say with 100% certainty that you have seen this plant before either in a friend’s home, or you’ve saved a photo of an interior with one on Insta. The fiddlehead fig tree is incredibly popular amongst the Insta Influencer set but for very good reason. With glossy, violin-shaped leaves this tree can make a gorgeous architectural statement in any room in your home. In our client’s home pictured above, we used the fiddlehead in the living room for a bit of impact and a shock of colour. Plus, there’s the added benefit of lovely fiddle-shaped shadows being cast upon the room as the sun makes its way around the building. Unlike the Pothos however, this plant does require a little more love and attention so do your research before bringing one home.

saguaro cacti

The Saguaro Cactus

If you’ve spent time in a South Western destination such as Arizona , you have undoubtedly seen many saguaro cacti in your travels. Native only to the Sonoran Desert, the Saguaro Cactus can live up to 200 years but its slow growth rate (about an inch per year, for the first 8 years) makes it possible to grow indoors. We particularly like this cactus in an ultra-modern space for a sophisticated, Amangiri meets South West vibe. Plant your Saguaro in a terracotta pot, stainless steel or woven planter but position with care if you have pets and kids around, as these prickly plants can be a bit of hazard.

The Parlour Palm

The Parlour Palm is aptly named, as it once graced the parlour rooms of lavish, Victorian homes. Not only are they texturally beautiful but they are also known for their air-purifying qualities.  Place one in a chinoiserie planter in the corner of your living room and the room will be transformed into an image from a De Gournay scenic wallpaper. In the project above however, we were going for a more contemporary look so we opted for a woven planter. The palm’s lush, deep-green leaves bring colour to this space, while the natural fibres of the woven basket soften it.