4 Dining Chairs for Every Style

clear dining chairs


As much as we can all appreciate a Louis XVI-style dining room, complete with crystal chandeliers and twinkling mirrors, these days it’s a look that is reserved exclusively for luxe hotel ballrooms. In our homes, most of us are going for a vibe that doesn’t suggest that one must “dress for dinner.” Sophisticated but approachable is generally the goal and that can be achieved in a variety of ways to suit your personal style. 

When it comes to your dining room, selecting the right seating is of vital importance. Yes, you want them to be comfortable so that you, your family and friends can dine leisurely with ease. Beyond comfort though, it’s worth taking the style of chair into careful consideration, as they can inject your own personal flair and aesthetic into the room without a lot of fuss. 

Here are four of our recent dining room projects and four different seating options for you to consider…

eames dining chairs

For the Mid-Century Modern Mavens…

Whether you spring for the real deal or opt for a well-crafted look-alike, Eames- style dining chairs are always a lovely compliment for any dining table. This design has been around for a long time and with good reason! Dating back to 1946, Charles and Ray Eames designed this chair to not only be pleasing to the eye but also ergonomic. In this otherwise bright and white dining room, the deep walnut and black leather finish makes a statement and really grounds the space. Encircling the round dining table, these dining chairs make the room feel stylish but still warm and inviting enough for a family dinner.

dining room with banquette

For those looking for storage solutions and maximizing space…

This dining room is a gorgeous example of two great seating options. Highly customizable and incredibly practical, (though not exactly a dining chair) a banquette is worth considering if you are tight for space and in need of a storage solution. With endless cabinetry, upholstery fabrics, and hardware to choose from, your banquette can truly be one-of-a-kind and tailor-made to your home. On the other side of the dining table, velvet dining chairs with a brass base add a little luxury to the room and complement the banquette beautifully. An upholstered chair with a metal base creates a traditional-meets-modern look that works in just about any dining room, regardless of style. This leads us to our next dining chair style below…

upholstered dining chairs

For those looking for colour & texture…

When a dining room is in need of a little colour and texture, we tend to gravitate towards an upholstered dining chair, as the options are truly endless. From traditional plaids to modern, abstract prints, you can create absolutely any look your heart desires plus, they tend to be rather comfortable. For this dining room, we opted for two different fabrics. The vibrant, Missoni-inspired fabric on the backrest serves as a delightful pop of colour with its eye-catching blue tones, while the incredibly durable and practical chambray-esque fabric complements it below. The result is a set of dining chairs that are the focal point and complete the room. The greatest thing about these chairs though? If a few years down the line you can’t stand the look of them, you can reupholster them again with the latest and greatest fabrics for a completely new look!

clear dining chairs

For those looking for something light and modern…

While the aforementioned Eames-style dining chairs grounded the space in their heaviness, these dining chairs have the opposite effect. Injection-molded transparent polycarbonate seating is a great choice if you’re looking to balance out a heavier dining table. They can also serve as an effective way of making a tight room look more spacious… they’re kind of like the trompe l’oeil of the furniture world. Light and modern, transparent dining chairs are always lovely with an equally modern dining table. Alternatively though, we love to bring new life to an old, more traditional dining table by surrounding it with clear chairs. The juxtaposition creates an incredibly chic, Parisian-apartment vibe.