4 Chandelier Trends We’re Loving Right Now



Whether it’s to create a luxurious and languid atmosphere in a principal bathroom or bedroom or to add an aura of high-society glitz to your dining room, chandeliers are incredibly effective and oh so important! Apart from having the power to change the actual light in the room, chandeliers also serve as fabulous artistic elements. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right fixture to polish off a consistent aesthetic while other times, selecting a piece that is completely unexpected can create a desirably jarring experience. With so many fabulous vendor catalogs at our fingertips, there are endless possibilities but for right now, here are a few of our favourites…

A Tribal Vibe

In a previous post we discussed the return of earthy tones and natural elements in the home and as it turns out, a chandelier can be a simple way to incorporate this aesthetic without committing to a complete overhaul. From bathrooms to living rooms and a countless spaces in between, we are seeing countless homes of various styles incorporating chandeliers that have an undeniably tribal feel to them. These fixtures find balance and define beauty with organic materials. In these fixtures you will find coconut beads and feathery strips of wood stained in smoky hues and balanced out with other elements made of brass. From it’s an unexpected placements (as shown in the orange and teal living room above) or to add a mysterious glow (as as seen in the previous photo) we love how these fixtures bring texture and a natural element into any room. 

Bubble Mania

For a mid-century modern meets French glamour feel, we are just mad about bubble chandeliers. Not only do they cast an incredibly flattering ethereal glow but also, they are simply a fun way to add a bit of whimsy and character to a room. We love these bubbly wonders hanging over a dining table, in panelled living rooms or suspended from a high foyer ceiling for an impact upon entry.

Beyond be fabulous in and of themselves though, the greatest thing about them is that they can work with just about any style! In a tonal minimalist room, they add a quiet pop (get it? Oh puns…lol) while in a maximalist room, they can meet the energy of the aesthetic without detracting from it.

A Bit of Blue

As lovely as the aforementioned textural and sculptural light fixtures can be, sometimes a space calls for a bit of colour! Colourful chandeliers are something that we don’t see a lot of in North America, which is why they are such a pleasant surprise when you find one in a home. Though there are endless colours to choose from, blue tends to be an easy colour to work with in many spaces as it is surprisingly neutral. It can be used to emphasize or complement other colours or shades of blue found elsewhere in the room or add it in as a fun splash in otherwise tonal spaces. To the left are two fabulous examples of blue chandeliers, both of which are completely unique. 

Art Deco Elegance

With their subtle crystal or cut-glass sparkle, art deco chandeliers are a wonderful tool for bringing quiet glamour and elegance into a room. Much like the bubble chandeliers, these pieces cast incredibly flattering light, making them ideal for dining rooms, powder rooms and an impressive entryway. The Timothy Oulton home collection is known for pairing this style with rugged leather couches and distressed area rugs for an appealing friction but, as shown above, they work incredibly well with a number of styles. If you’re considering adding a new chandelier to your space, you might be surprised at just how well one of the three pieces below might work!