3 Hotels with Dreamy Decor


At the risk of tempting fate, it appears as though the end is near. With travel restrictions easing up, we’ve started daydreaming about where our next travel destination will be and, more importantly, where we might stay! Though grand old hotels, such as The Dorchester in London, will rightfully remain notable establishments for decades to come, there is a more contemporary style of hotel that really caters to our sensibility. There is absolutely nothing wrong with more traditional luxury hotels and they will forever serve a purpose. It seems though that the hotels of right now are moving away from crystal chandeliers hanging over tufted brocade sofas. Instead, there is a cross-pollination happening between noteworthy interior designers, cult-favourite fashion designers, and established hoteliers to create design-focused sensory experiences. Plucked from a rather extensive list, here are a just three hotels with dreamy decor that we would absolutely love to visit posthaste. Though each hotel is completely different in both style and the experience they promise to provide, they are all stunning in their own unique way…

The Whitby, New York

New York is never a bad idea as it fails to grow tiresome plus, it’s only a stone’s throw away. It goes without saying that there are countless fabulous places one can stay in the Big Apple but lately we’ve grown particularly fond of Firmdale Hotels in both London and New York due to their fabulous interior design by co-owner and designer Kit Kemp. The Whitby is the group’s second New York location and is a glorious display of contemporary art and features the colourful and carefree aesthetic that Kemp is known for. With Kate Blee wallpaper, original Joe Tilson artwork, and 86 individually decorated rooms, you’re certain to be visually stimulated in a setting that is luxurious in the most unconventional way.

Photos courtesy of The New York Times

Le Sirenuse, Positano

If you’ve ever strolled through Aerin Lauder’s eponymous boutiques, chances are you’ve admired or maybe even purchased Emporio Sirenuse beachwear, kaftans, jewellery  or homewear designed by Carla Paravicini Sersale. If (like us) you find yourself in the Emporio Sirenuse fan club, you might want to consider spending your next Italian vacay at Le Sirenuse in Positano. Sersale, along with her husband Antonio and her late father-in-law Franco, made this poppy-red dream of a hotel the ultimate Amalfi Coast destination that it is today. With whitewashed walls, vaulted ceilings, and colourful Amalfi tiles made by hand, each room is an eclectic yet contemporary take on Amalfi style and features Sersale’s designs throughout.

Photos courtesy of Le Sirenuse

El Fenn, Marrakech

Architectural Digest once described the hotel El Fenn in Marrakech as “Instagram gold” and if you flip through just a few photos, you’ll see why. Co-owners Howell James and Vanessa Branson (sister of Richard Branson) have brought in a collection of partners with aesthetically-driven backgrounds to create this Mecca for design. Madeline Weinrib (painter turned designer) and her husband Graham Head (president and vice chairman of the iconic New York store abc Carpet and Home), have assisted in the selection of vibrant, acid-bright walls, the mid-century modern goes to Marrakech furnishings, and one-of-a-kind pieces by local artisans. The result is a truly unique and stimulating space that will have you reaching for a camera. 

Photos courtesy of Architectural Digest