2023 Design Trend Forecast



Whether you’re looking to redecorate or freshen up your home, a new year is an opportunity for a new look! Together with our partners at Urban Blueprint and The Penzo Team, we’ve discussed the emerging design trends that we feel will shape the aesthetic of 2023. Here are 5 key trends that stood out to us…

1. A  Focus on Organic & Natural Materials

In 2022 we saw a shift away from minimalist and modern farmhouse design and a pull towards more earthy materials. In 2023 this trend will continue. Clients are gravitating towards pieces that feature natural materials such as oak and pine, which feel fresh and new after a long hiatus. Natural, heavily-veined marbles or man-made options that are designed to look natural are also serving as focal point in many spaces throughout the home. 

2. Personality Everywhere

Organic materials feature natural variances and therefore have a lot of personality. These individual characteristics are being further enhanced through decor. Warmth, depth and visual interest are being achieved with wallpapered rooms and bathrooms and textiles in unexpected earth tones. Light fixtures remain the jewelry of the home and serve as conversation pieces but are returning in refreshing textures and metals such as silver and iron. 

3. An Emphasis on Texture

In addition to fabrics and wallcoverings, texture is also being achieved in ways that we haven’t seen in several years. For example, lime wash and Venetian plaster are anything but new techniques but have reemerged to add character to the home and complement natural stones incredibly well. 

4. Architecturally Inspired Design

The shift away from minimalism means we are now looking back in time and creating design schemes that echo the past. Spaces today incorporate art-deco elements or feature bold and distinctive styles such as Brutalism and Bauhaus.

5. The Return of the Formal Dining Room

While open-concept floor plans have dominated design and build plans for a while now, clients are once again warming up to the idea of formal dining rooms and more traditional layouts. For homes that command an open-concept layout, our team of designers are finding creative ways to define different areas in the home to create intimate nooks, cozy corners and separate dining areas. 

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